Rosies in the B-17 Yankee Lady at 2013 Thunder Over Michigan AirshowThe Tribute Rosie Troupe (TRT) is dedicated to the mission of raising awareness of World War II era preservation campaigns of importance to American history, especially pertaining to the major roll women played by working to enable the soldiers who went off to fight the war.  We accomplish this by portraying "Rosie the Riveter" to personify the legacy of the Arsenal of Democracy left to us by the greatgeneration.  

Our home base is the famed Willow Run factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan, part of which we are working to preserve for the Yankee Air Museum in the Save the Bomber Plant campaign.

Our aim is serious, but we have a great deal of fun making it happen.  It's said that everyone loves Rosie, and it's true!  Rosie the Riveter represents the strong will of our nation under attack to do what it took to win the war.  Rosie also represents the first great migration of women into what had been a man's exclusive realm of technical capability and higher wages.  The appeal of Rosie crosses gender, generations and genetics.  

Pull your hair back in a polka dot bandanna, put some swing on the Victrola and some swagger in step, and come out to join the Tribute Rosie Troupe.  You will see how fun it is, and you will be helping to save a part of history that defined much of the course of the world.  

For more information:
Click here to read our Charter document, and here to see how simple it is to "Rosie up" in official garb.

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