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Q. How big is RE/MAX?

  • A. RE/MAX has more Associates (>100,000), more offices (>6,700), in more countries (>67) than any other real estate company. RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and around the world. RE/MAX has since 1997, surpassed over one million transactions each and every year. An achievement not duplicated by any other real estate company nationally or internationally. Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

Q. What is the RE/MAX Concept?

  • A. RE/MAX is an acronym for Real Estate Maximums. RE/MAX is the concept which offers sales associates the highest possible compensation in exchange for their fair share of the business overhead expenses (shared office expense). The RE/MAX philosophy is when you earn a commission - you should keep it!

Q. What is the RE/MAX Culture?

  • A. At RE/MAX you get a return on effort. Top agents do not support the bottom percentile because office expenses are divided equitably among all agents.
  • RE/MAX is the perfect co-op because it allows the agent to enjoy all the advantages of owning their own business without all of the disadvantages. Agents are provided the environment and support that promotes competition, professionalism, and maximizes the opportunity to succeed.
  • RE/MAX promotes high standards, ethics and professionalism in our industry by offering extensive training and education to enhance their knowledge and skills, and an opportunity for agents to network and earn additional income through referrals.
  • RE/MAX agents are distinguished by holding more professional designations than agents with any other real estate company. And it is true that the correlation between designations held and increased earnings has long existed in our industry.
  • The RE/MAX brand has become synonymous with the best service in real estate. That the agents are experienced and knowledgeable. One of the primary benefits of RE/MAX affiliation is the brand recognition and use of the trademarks, logos, slogans and trade names. Everyone knows RE/MAX.

Q. What commission programs do you offer?

  • A. We have two programs available to agents. 100% Commission and Split Commission Programs.
  • With the 100% Commission Program the agent retains all their commission less costs, E&O Insurance and a transaction fee. On this program the agent pays a monthly fee which includes office desk fees (shared office expense) and RE/MAX International fees.
  • The split commission program allows the agent to retain a percentage of their commission while the company retains a portion of the commission. We offer both, fee and non-fee split commission programs.

Q. Do you offer a Mobile Agent or Home Office Program?

  • A. Yes, we do. Our Mobile Real Estate agents can carry out most of their routine work from any place, using mobile computers, mobile communications and internet technology. Our internet based systems allow our agents to do their job from anywhere in the world. Besides, you can use one of our three offices in Philadelphia and Delaware county to do your business and meet your clients.

Q. How do referrals work?

  • A. We have two major referral programs at RE/MAX. Both come without fee or cost to our agents. We do not charge for referrals because it is the essence of what RE/MAX is all about.
  • First is our Agent Referral Network available through our intranet site (Mainstreet) or remax.com where you can find other RE/MAX agents anywhere in the country. Our agent profile available on Web Roster in Mainstreet, illustrates the experience and interests or hobbies of our agents, so you can match them to your client.
  • Second is our Leadstreet, which is our Agent Lead Generation System through remax.com. Agents are, on a rotating basis, given leads from people searching the internet through remax.com for homes. RE/MAX is the first and at the moment only real estate company in the country to offer lead generation to their agents. And again, at our office it comes without cost or fees.

Q. Why is the hot air balloon an official corporate logo for RE/MAX?

  • A. The hot air balloon became the official corporate logo in 1978. It symbolizes lofty standards and high ideals. Today, RE/MAX has the world's largest hot air balloon fleet (about 100). It is one of the top ten most recognized corporate logos in North America and the most recognized logo in the real estate industry. Thirty years ago what did a hot air balloon have to do with real estate? Absolutely nothing. Today what does it have to do with real estate? Absolutely everything.

Q. How is the office staffed?

  • A. We are proud of the administrative team we have assembled. We have an Office Manager that handles the financial and accounting end of the business, including processing commission checks usually the same day they are received from escrow. Our Office Administrator is the liasion with our agents from turning in transactions and listings to processing earnest money to answering telephones and greeting clients. And of course we have an experienced Broker.

Q. Does RE/MAX allow teams?

  • A. RE/MAX encourages the team concept. We embrace the concept like no other real estate company. The fee structure alone demonstrates this. It is another example of encouraging agents to do business their way.

Q. Who owns RE/MAX?

  • A. Each office is independently owned and operated. It is the world's largest real estate network with thousands of offices worldwide.
  • RE/MAX International is owned by co-founders Dave and Gail Liniger of Denver, Colorado. The headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado.
  • Therefore, in RE/MAX the primary customer is, always has been, and always will be ... the RE/MAX Sales Associate. RE/MAX is the only leading real estate system owned and managed by Realtors.

Q. When was RE/MAX started?

  • A. Dave & Gail Liniger founded RE/MAX in 1973 as a concept allowing experienced agents to keep 100% of their commission while paying low desk fees to offset business expenses and overhead (shared office expense). In 1998 RE/MAX achieved a unprecedented one million transactions. An achievement no other real estate company had ever achieved. With over 100,000 Associates in more than 6,700 offices in over 65 countries, RE/MAX is the undisputed leader in real estate.

Q. What are some of the unique programs or benefits associated with RE/MAX?

  • We offer more benefits than can possibly be mentioned, but here are a few highlights;
  • Black & white and Color copies and printing.  
  • Agent personal websites with all Trend MLS listings updated every 15 minutes.
  • Office websites with all Trend MLS listings updated every 15 minutes.
  • Company website with all Trend MLS listings updated 15 times a day.
  • Professional CMA Software, web based can be use from anywhere.
  • REMAX University with hundreds of hours of training and education every month.
  • A library of DVD's with additional training and education.
  • Professional coaching via RE/MAX University with distinguished coaches like; Brian Buffini, Richard Robbins and Howard Brinton to name a few.
  • More TV ads than all other real estate companies combined, offering you the opportunity for more leads through upcalls and walk-ins.
  • National Agent Referral Network for both incoming leads and outgoing referrals.
  • Private or semi-private offices for a professional environment and Mobile Agent program.
  • High speed internet connection and wireless internet connection throughout the office.
  • Direct dial telephone system that allows calls to go directly to your desk or forward to your cell phone. 
  • RE/MAX International Convention plus conferences and seminars throughout the year.
  • National Name Brand Recognition.
  • And the list goes on.

Q. What happens to upcalls or walk-ins that come into the office?

  • A. Both are handled the same way. Agents are assigned the lead on a rotation basis, by signing up for the floor time. You can sign up whether you are here or working from home. Naturally for walk-ins the agent in the office gets preference over the agent working that day from home, because most importantly, the customer must be taken care of.

Q. What about calls on my listings? How are they handled?

  • A. One of the benefits available at RE/MAX, that is very important and often overlooked by agents, is that only your phone number appears on your signs. That way you get all the sign calls for your listing. But in the unlikely event that someone calls the office on your listing, and doesn't mention the agent's name, it will be forwarded to the person on floor duty.