Hi! Welcome to my genealogy site about the John Zink family.  My name is Peter Bush, and what you will find here is information and documents that I have collected over a period of years.  I hope you enjoy the site.  To help you get started, the two main themes of this site are described below. If you want to find out more about my research, or get in touch with me, click on "Contact Me" in the left-hand column.    
Theme One: The John and Mary Elizabeth Zink Family
    John Zink and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Klingenschmitt, were born and married in Morschheim, Germany.  They emigrated to the United States with four children in 1837.  They settled first in the hamlet of Wendelville in the Town of Pendleton, Niagara County, New York.  They later moved to the Town of Amherst in Erie County, New York, and late in life they moved again to the City of Monroe in Monroe County, Michigan, where they died in the 1880s. 

    Most of their children moved with them to Michigan, but clusters of their descendants also lived in western New York and the Toledo Ohio area. 
This site includes an article about John and Mary Elizabeth Zink, as well as information about their ancestors and descendants.  To find out more, click on the items listed under "The Zink Family" in the left-hand column.


Theme Two: The Zink-Graff Family Reunions 1912-1954
    The family of John and Mary Elizabeth Zink became closely linked, through intermarriage, with the family of Jacob Graff and his wife, Anna Mary Wagner.  Three children of Jacob Graff married children of John Zink, and a niece and a nephew of Jacob Graff also married children of John Zink. Starting in 1912, the descendants of both couples began to hold annual reunions at various locations in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. 

    Minutes and other records of the reunions held from 1912 to 1954 are accessible on this site together with an every-name index.  To access the index, minutes, and other material related to the reunions, click on the items under "Zink-Graff Reunions 1912-1954" in the left-hand column.