Welcome to my website!!!

I am currently a post-doc researcher at the Seimological Laboratory of Caltech performing research on global seismology.


Ph.D.                 2010-2014                UC Santa Cruz         

M.S.                   2007-2010                Peking University     

B.S.                    2003-2007                Peking University    

Han Yue

Email: hanyue@gps.caltech.edu
Awards and Fellowships
2014              Seismology Director Post-doctoral Fellowship of Caltech
2014              Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students 
2010              AGU Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Presentation Award
2009              CGU Annual Meeting Outstanding Student Presentation Award
2009/2007     National First Level Graduate Student Fellowship of China

Research interests

My research interests lies in a broad area related to the kinematic and dynamic rupture processes of large earthquakes. I am also interested in probing the earth structure from shallow to intermediate depths. My researches focus on the following topics. 

1. Resolving Kinematic Rupture Process of Large Earthquakes

My research primarily focus on developing advanced algorithms and softwares to invert for kinematic source model for large earthquake from joint inversion of diverse datatypes. I was at the forefront of analyzing several recent events, e.g. 2011 Tohoku event, 2010 Maule Chile event, 2010 Mentawai event, 2012 Indian Ocean event, 2012 Nicoya Event, 2013 Queen Charlotte event, 2013 Balochistan Event, 2014 Iquique Event, 2015 Nepal Event. 

I am also developing kinematic finite source, line source, single-multi point source and wave number domain representations of the source model and associated linear, non-linear and hybrid inversion techniques with objective of determining focal mechanism change in kinematic rupture process. 

   [Yue et al. Nature, 2012]     


2. Imaging the Earth Structure from Shallow to Intermediate Depths      

I am also interested in imaging the earth structure from the crust to mantle transition zones using P and S receiver function, particular at regions of tectonic interests, e.g. the Tibetan plateau, San Andreas fault near Parkfield.
I am interested in developing receiver function calculation or deconvolution techniques, as also imaging, migration and stacking techniques to resolve detailed structure of the earth. 
I participated into several international collaborative projects, e.g. Indepth IV, Necess-Array, Deploying portable seismic networks over the Tibetan plateau and the Northeast of China

[Yue et al. JGR, 2013]