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 Below are just a few selected stories of real people on the AutomaticBuilder and Nutronix  team That have plugged into the system and are having awesome results.

1 Star Director,Robb McDaniel (Founder Team Nutronix)


HubbellI joined Nutronix in Late January 2005 at the recommendation of Shane Woods who is a good friend of mine. At the time I had way to much on my plate and didn’t give it a solid effort. About 10 months later, I realized that Shane was building a really strong business here while I was playing around with other things that just weren’t working. I knew I had to get involved. Now in June of 2006, just a few short months after tapping into the Automaticbuilder system and finding a couple leaders, I am about to hit the 1 Star International Director level with over 800 members in my personal group! The best part about it is, I couldn’t stop this momentum now if I tried! I now have several great leaders in my downline and many new friends as well. I want to thank Shane Woods and all the other great leaders in our team for making it possible for me to make a full time income from home with this great opportunity and I look forward to many great years to come!

1 Star Nutronix Director, Shane Hubbell (Founder Health n Wealth Team)


GordonMy name is Gordon L. Feese and I have been in several network marketing companies in the past. After 6 years of trying many different companies I had spent a lot of money and had nothing to show for it.

After I joined Automaticbuilder-Nutronix I started building a good business. I built up to over 200 members but then had three serious health problems attack me. I was under my Doctor’s care constantly.

I have diabetes and that caused my serious illnesses — heart problems, kidney problems, and sinus problems. I started taking all four Cellfood products, Biomins, Sango caps and Silver Solution religiously. When I started taking these products my blood sugar stayed between 280 and 350.

Two months after I started taking these products my blood sugar has gone down to between 100 and 130, PLUS my doctor said I have improved so much that he took me off of all medications except for my regular diabetic medications. He also said that if I stay in as good a condition as I am now he will stop those and I won’t have to take any Meds!!!

Since he released me 3 weeks ago I have bought tour takers (GTTs) and use the Get Response system. In addition, I am doing other advertising on the side. In the last two weeks I have sponsored 9 people and am also helping my downline by splitting the cost of GTT’S with two of them. I am getting more excited daily!!

God Bless
Regional Director, Gordon


Below are our team members

 Name : Sandra(Selina), Alex(DTM Forum owner), Jsully, Lobster, Strosdegoz, Richguy, Ironlady, Scottogato, Vaideswaran, Irene, Johnxia, Fsloan,

    All in one strong team promoting Nutronix, come and join us and let us make this team even more great

Report Card of April 07, 18 members joined under me most are from my update line recruit and put under me.( spill over to me)


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