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Third Grade Projects


October — Teacher Katie Kaufman requested extension ideas for fraction concepts.

October 20 — At a PLC meeting,  the Number Club Packets available for download on the SEPS website were suggested as a resource for students who showed on their baseline assessment that they were in need of more practice on  previous grade level skills.

December 15 — The 3rd Grade team had a conversation about how to focus deeply around one standard while also having students be exposed to all three of the Core grade level standards. In addition to Number Corner and work place stations, we talked about the use of  problem solving journals

Jan. 4th to Jan. 14th — I did a series of demonstration lessons in all 3rd grade classrooms focused around multiplication concepts and introducing student self evaluation of problem solving tasks. 

Jan. 26  — Support Materials Resource List

March 16— A workshop on the revised Mathematics Problem Solving Scoring Guide was presented. Work Sample task collections and an appendix of Support Documents were shared.