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Fourth Grade Projects


October 13 —  At last week's  PLC meeting, 4th grade teachers requested some blacklines they could run off on card stock to create some hands on manipulatives for their students to practice decimal/money concepts. 

October 20 — At a PLC meeting,  the Number Club Packets available for download on the SEPS website were suggested as a resource for students who showed on their baseline assessment that they were in need of more practice on  previous grade level skills.

Dec. 6th to Dec. 10 – Demonstration Lessons in every 4th grade on the topic of multi-digit multiplication and learning to self-evaluate a problem solving task using a scoring guide.

Jan. 26  — Support Materials Resource List

March 16— A workshop on the revised Mathematics Problem Solving Scoring Guide was presented. Work Sample task collections and an appendix of Support Documents were shared.

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