John Walker, Amataur Voice Actor

Hi and welcome to the official John Walker voice acting site. All breaking news will be available here for you, the viewer, to watch and/or read. Cause ya know everyone LOVES to read nowadays.

3/12/11 - Hello everyone, things have been going great as of late. I have gotten several scouting requests over the past few months. It's actually been amazing to see how many people requested me. So where to start, well Bubblydubbs fandub of Shugo Chara was the first one, I play the father so not too many lines listed for the character. I also finished Allan's voice for Infected episode 2 so that should be out very soon if it's not already. Also, I got a scouting request for a Wing Commander game called Wing Commander Saga. I have various roles in the game and since I was a huge WC fan, I definitely joined up with the project. Check out the project here.

I am also thinking about dropping by AnimeNEXT 2011 since it is in Jersey and the club I'm in wants to plan a group trip there. I am very interested in going for the weekend and would love to stop by and say hi to fellow VAA peeps and peeps in general who know me, which won't be a lot lol. But hey, getting your name out there never hurts.