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mqdefault.jpg The Dank Express - Memes + Polar Express = Legendary

matador.PNG El Matador de Tiburones - Spanish legend / leyenda project. Quite dank

Capture.PNG Geothermal Energy Chemistry Project - Just for you, my dudes.

Screenshot 2016-10-26 at 12.54.01 PM.png Nutrition-Metabolism - You gonna eat that mate?!

maxresdefault.jpgLa Misma Luna (Parte 2) (Censored) - Carliiiiiitttttoooosssss!
Capture.PNG "Facts" - Everyone's Favorite Ad - Gotta love political attack ads!
mqdefault.jpg "If" - Stuttering Obama Remix featuring Trump  - If if if if if if if...
Conjugate din tei - John, Nathan, and Patryk’s amazingly bad Spanish Project
mqdefault.jpgAPPLE GETS REKT - u wot m8
maxresdefault.jpgKinect Star Wars - I'm Han Solo - Why does this exist… why...
mqdefault.jpgSegata Sanshiro Sega Saturn Commercials - Better than Old Spice commercials!

calculus_rhapsody_642x404.jpgCalculus Rhapsody - This… is a work of pure genius.
2a28ae3789c867356ab2cb531807d74d_crop_exact.pngJohn Cena Prank Call - JOOOOOOHN CENA!!!!

maxresdefault.jpgVoldemort's Awkward Laugh Sparta Remix - Harry Potter Week @ VHHS #Dumbledance
mqdefault.jpgDaler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun Video - Happy Birthday Ali!!!!
[SFM] Shrek's showdown - SHREKTACULAR!
[SFM] We like to party - We like to Party!
Steve Ballmer Developers Music Video - I… LOVE… THIS… COMPANY!!! WOOOO!!!
Fabulous Secret Powers - What’s Goin On?

Robotnik Land II - It’s Pingas Time!

Mr. Six Returns! - Enjoy Summer Vacation!
Weird Al - Fat - Parody of Michael Jackson “Bad” - 1st Video Posted over Summer Break!
95.jpg JohnOS 5 Trailer - 301+ Views on YouTube!
Major League Can Can - YEE M8!!!!!11111!!!1 SEIZURE WARNING! U Cant Handle Da MLG!
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes - Mrs. Kmichik’s Anthem?
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Doom - E1M1 on eight floppy drives - DOOOMMM

Darude - Sandstorm - Actually Sandstorm - Darude!

Jurassic World - Official Global Trailer - Jurassic World coming June 12, 2015!
maxresdefault.jpgMarc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida - Señora Gess knows Best!

Justin Bieber - Baby  - Almost 5 Million dislikes on YouTube!

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix) - Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!
Doritos Time Machine -  Super Bowl 2014! What awesome commercials are coming this year?
Kangaroo - (Rémi GAILLARD)
The Interview - Teaser Trailer - Before its removed from YouTube!

Greatest Freak Out Ever 13 - Steven rages over the Happiest Company. He mad bro?

Greatest Freak Out Ever 13 Backwards

  1. Do the Raindance - America’s Got Talent

  2. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love - The Blues Brothers (1980)

Turn Down For What - I just made a huge mistake.
Thomas Vs Iron Man - Recommended by Matthew Huh and Nathan Jay. You laugh now, just wait.

Thunder Busters - AC-DC vs Ghostbusters Mashup by Wax Audio

iPhony5x - Not a Knockoff!

 La Vida Es Una Carnaval - Celia Cruz!

U Cant Touch This - Like IT trying to block JohnTube! xD

Developers, Developers,... - Steve Ballmer presenting Windows 98

Numa Numa - Numa Numa Yay!

La Santa Cecilia - Monedita - Seriously good song. Strange music video… In Spanish!
Oregonroll - Oregon Legislature won’t give up on you guys!

Happy - Starring John and Friends!   John, Nathan, Aaron, Tyler, And Matthew H. (8th Grade) in Happy!THE FIRST EVER JOHNTUBE VIDEO!

 Anupam Style  Ex- Hawthorn Student Anupam in Gangnam Style!

Mugging Baloney  John (8th Grade) and Matthew J. (6th Grade) dancing to Mugsy Baloney!

La Cucaracha  Starring Señor Nic Beaumont and Señor Patryk Laska

 Can-Can  Starring Nic, Patryk, Matthew, John, and Anupam!

Walking On Sunshine   Starring Nathan, Anupam, Patryk, John, and Matthew.

Crazy Frog - Axel F - Why Patryk? WHY?
 I’m a Goofy Goober - Spongebob!
Hampton The Hamster - The Hamster Dance

I want some Ice Cream   Recommended by Charlie Newman

Penguin Slips On Ice This is educational… Dont bully people when they make mistakes! And don't slip on ice in the first place.

 Polish Hover Platform This, is beautiful, untamed  science (Do Not Try At Home)

     Jazzercise!  Workout with Jazz! Perfect for Health Class?

     The Wunder Boner Removes fish bones with ease!

    The Three Stooges - Punch Drunks  Moe's a lousy fight promoter, Larry fiddles for soup, and Curly serves burgers. But get them together and the little ditty about mice gives Curly a mean haymaker

The Ghostbusters Theme on 8 Floppy Drives Who ya gonna call? By MrSolidSnake745

     Bill Nye Destroys Matter 100% Legit Video. Pinkie Swear!

      Spanish Alphabet Song - Military Style  Everyone’s Favourite Song!

     Jet Bike British inventor Colin Furze’s jet powered bicycle. It’s Science, Remember! IN HD!!! (DO NOT TRY AT HOME)

   Where are my pants? HONEY? WHere are my PAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNTTTTTSSSS?

   Old Spice Commercials I Don’t Know… They’re Funny! TERRY CREWS!

       Quiero Taco Bell!  Taco Bell ad from 1997! It’s educational. TRUST ME.

   Babies Roller Skating It’s Cute, OK? Credits to Charlie Newman.


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