I’m a “country boy” born and bred. I grew up in North Central Texas doing the kinds of chores and work and play that people of my ilk did. I rode my horse, fed my cattle, sheep, and hogs and played “ranch” under the big oak tree in our back yard. My “chosen profession”, ranching and cowboying, didn’t quite pan out, so I did the next best thing—I prepared myself to be a high school vocational agriculture teacher. After an Army stint, instead, I became a 4-H agent and remained in University Extension work throughout the remainder of my career. I married a country girl from San Saba, Texas and we raised three great guys who have made super men, husbands, and fathers.  We are also the grandparents of five "great" grandchildren, of whom we're richly proud.

I discovered a love of cowboy poetry in 2002 and started writing. After approximately 200 poems, many miles traveling to cowboy poetry gatherings around the country, I’m still at it. I hope to have a third book of poetry out in the near future.

I have written and compiled two books of poems and 'rememberances'.  Here is a short description of each:


My first book. In large part, this book is the autobiography of a country boy who dreamed of becoming a rancher, cowboy, and a “man of the land”. As is sometimes the case, our dreams don’t always come true, but as I say in some of the poems, we still can dream. Hopefully, those of you who share these dreams can relate to the poems in this book. The poem, “When Momma and Daddy Sold the Farm” tells the story of my growing up in the Tarver community about three and a half miles outside the town of Whitney in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. It’s the first “serious” poetry I ever attempted. Some have told me it’s the best poem I ever wrote. Maybe, maybe not, but it’s certainly one of the most heartfelt of them all. I hope you’ll enjoy the book.


My most recent book is a continuation of the themes established in the first book, I’ll Always Be a Cowboy. After attending and participating in several cowboy poetry gatherings and get-togethers over the last few years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m more of a “country” poet than cowboy poet. While I still write cowboy poetry and can use the jargon, I am much more comfortable writing from what I know—and that’s “country”. Hence, in this book, you’ll find poems about my father’s bootjack, his coffee-drinking, scenes in and around my small Texas hometown, and the people and events I’ve encountered throughout the 70 years of my life. Again, I hope you’ll take a look at it and enjoy reading the poems as much as I did writing them.

Both of my books are available for purchase.  Please click on the 'Contact Me' link on the left for details.