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About the author:

The author is a middle aged but youthful looking Chinese gentleman whose Christian roots date back to the Taiping Rebellion days in the mid-1850s. His great grandfather was a missionary in China.  

Grandpa was a devout Christian who joined Sun-Yet Sen’s liberation movement. He was forced to flee China as he was targeted for elimination by the warlord Yuan Shi-Kai who wanted to be China’s new emperor following the fall of the Qing Dynasty. He found his way to Malayawhere he started a new life as a rubber planter.

Grandma was a Peranakan Chinese who read her Bible in Romanised Hokkien. When the revival hit Malaya in the 1930s under John Sung’s ministry, she joined the Gospel Preaching bands to preach to the masses. She died in the 1970s, buried with her beloved Hokkien Bible which none of us could actually read.

Since the clan became Christians, God has been gracious to choose several from every generation to serve Him with the frock. 

The author was thus brought up in a typical evangelical Chinese Christian environment, having ancestors directly impacted by the ministry of John Sung. He is trained in Sociology and has a degree in Divinity from Heythrop College, University of London. His theological outlook is Reformed, yet he is comfortable attending a ritualistic high church. His personal devotions are contemplative. He believes and prays in the power of the Spirit for others. He hopes to know the Presence of God within corporate worship and he leads the congregation to experience the manifest Presence of Jesus through the music of high praise. He sees the short-comings of the church in that many matured Christians are not fed enough with the Word of God. To reach out to these matured Christians all over the world, he has chosen to use this website to spread God’s deeper truths from the Bible.

 May God further grace his servant with His frock to feed His flock

The author is married to a counsellor and seminary lecturer who also conducts personal silent retreats. They have 3 children in their late teens and early adulthood.