These articles are written for the beginner to intermediate RC Yacht Racing Sailors yet may be a good refresher for those with more experience. They have been updated to reflect the   
  Racing Rules of Sailing (the RRS) 2017 - 2020.

Summary of changes in the RRS 2017 - 2020 here

More detail on the changes to RRS 18, especially 18.3 here

The articles start with some basics, and then lead you around the race course from the Start, to the Weather Mark, the Downwind Gate, and the Finish, ending with a look behind the closed door of the Protest Room. The  Hailing article covers various rules around the Race Course. And there are a couple of Bonus items that discuss issues like Proper Course, Mark Room and Right of Way(ROW).

Note - if you have read these articles before, please read Chapter 3 again as it is a major rewrite.

Chapter 1: The Definitions - For beginners – Racing 101 – Some sailing terms explained
Chapter 2: Starts
Chapter 3: Rule 18 and the Weather Mark
Chapter 4: Hailing
Chapter 5: Rule 18 and the Downwind Gate
    Chapter 5-bonus: Tactical Roundings and Proper Course at a Downwind Mark
Chapter 6: The Finish
Chapter 7: The Protest
Chapter 8: Proper Course Proper Course vs  ROW vs Mark Room
Chapter 9: The Penalty Turn- a look at when and how to take a penalty
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