Student Projects

2009 Student Project Descriptions

Adam Conderman

Company: Vertical Infinity

Vertical Infinity is run by two Indian entrepreneurs who have built a motorized vertical climbing wall. This was their first entrepreneurial venture. The first partner is an engineer who graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology. The second partner owns a small textile machine manufacturing plant. Using the machinery from the previous company, they built three test models and have placed them in beta testing sites around the country. Vertical Infinity was looking for answers on 1) how to better market their product 2) how to update their business plan.

Amber Steinhilber

Company: PRAJ

Pramod Chaudhari, Founder and Chairman on the Board of PRAJ Industries sponsored a sustainability-related project headed by Anil Paranjape.  Mr. Chaudhari is developing an institute in Pune to train managers on how their businesses can promote and profit from environmental and social sustainability.  The first part of my project focused on researching if trade-offs existed for other environmentally detrimental activities such as carbon credits do for carbon emissions.  The second part of the project entailed working with Anil to develop a piece (The Global Drivers of Sustainability) of an upcoming sustainability training for mid and senior-level managers in Pune.  

Marques Zak

Company: K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (SIMSR)

Entitled “Ensuring that “Knowledge Alone Liberates” Continues to Succeed”, the project was a benchmark and competitive strategy assessment for a Top 25 Indian business school competing in a very crowded landscape. With a stated goal of becoming amongst the top 50 management schools in Asia by the year 2015, the school in recent years seemed to be taking steps backward not forward.  Part of a greater campus network known as Somaiya Vidyavihar, it was presented that SIMSR had the opportunity to make good on its vision if it focused on building its intellectual capital (e.g., faculty and research) and international focus (i.e., placement, curriculum, internal linkages).

Kate Chevarley
Company: Larsen & Toubro

Since I am interested in human capital management and am pursuing a dual MBA/MILR degree program, I was assigned to  work on an onboarding study for the Construction and Engineering division of Larsen and Toubro, India’s largest construction conglomerate. My counterpart from the Somaiya Institute of Management Science and Research (SIMSR) and I created a survey that was distributed to everyone who had been hired in the past three months at that division of L&T. We also conducted in person interviews with a sampling of these new hires, as well as with employees who were assigned to be their onboarding buddies and mentors. Our final presentation included an overview of current onboarding best practices used by top American and Indian companies, as well as recommendations based on the results of our survey and interviews. The project was a wonderful introduction to Indian workplace culture and our results were well-received. My SIMSR partner even received a summer internship offer as a result of our work!

TaNisha Greene

Company: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is a multi-national Pharmaceuticals company which is headquartered in Mumbai. Our consulting project involved analyzing the talent management systems for their highly skilled workforce. Our team conducted a current state analysis of their human capital talent management processes. The findings were then compared against the industry standards and existing trends within other organizations. Additionally, we provided an analysis of positive indicators that increased employee retention and sustained growth within the organization.

Abby Rothwell

Piramal Healthcare

Dr. Pawan Mittal and I worked with Piramal's marketing director Pushpak Khare to explore new marketing strategies for Piramal's healthcare products.  The objective was to explore strategies for improving health awareness and encouraging patient education and involvement with health conditions, as opposed to the more tradition tactic of directly marketing specific products.  The target market was middle class urban Indians who suffer from or may be at risk for diabetes and/or heart disease.  The project entailed an in depth analysis of the needs, culture, and habits of the target market; the company's marketing capabilities; and the regulatory restrictions on pharmacuetical advertisements. 


Ludovico Denza

Company: Croda India

Croda India, a UK chemical company, is a global leader in speciality chemicals. In India they work on Fatty Acids and Alcohols.  Tackle price increases and volatility in general was the main target.  Fatty Acids and Alcohols are derived from vegetable oils, among them Palm oil. Major producers and refiners of Palm oil are Malaysia and Indonesia. We analyzed the whole supply chain as well as substitutes, in order to unveil savings, hedging tools and new solutions.

Purenza Wu
Company: All India Institute Of Local Self Government

All India Institute of Local Government is an institution aims at enabling local bodies to contribute effectively to the development process and provide citizens with a better quality life. This project was to review the benchmarking process used by the institute and to make recommendation on how the institute can overcome the hurdles and challenges it face.

Matthew Shear

Company: Andromeda Marketin

Andromeda Marketing, based in Mumbai, is an outsourced provider of marketing services to the telecom, financial services, media, and real estate industries.  The company has approximately 7,000 employees.  It focuses on domestic outsourcing, so it serves firms seeking to penetrate Indian consumer and B2B markets.  My project was to create a 5 year strategic growth plan and to review various aspects of the company’s operations.  On the strategic side we conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s business, the markets it operates in, and macroeconomic trends to create a set of recommendations.  On the operational side, we were given access to employees at all levels of the organization, and after conducting numerous interviews were able to suggest actionable changes to HR, operations, and marketing, among other things.  We presented all of our findings to Andromeda’s CEO at the conclusion of the project.


Mona Mahesh

Company: Essence-Satori

My project for Essence-Satori, a Mumbai based garment manufacturing company, was to find new locations for the company's expansion.  Essence produces western and Indian clothing for the domestic market and exports Indian clothing to other markets, which currently includes the US, Canada, Dubai, Mauritius, and South Africa.  By analyzing the company's product portfolio and current trends we were able to suggest certain product categories and regions favorable to the company's expansion.

Junichi Takami
Company: Sony India

My project was a marketing research of car audio system for Sony India.  Sony India is one of top share manufacturers of car audio system in India.  They wanted to know more about a distribution channel and their competitors.  My Indian partner and I made interviews with local distributors and made a consumer survey to figure out the perception for Sony’s product.

Rosa Guzman
Company: IDream Production

Analyzed the feasibility of IDream’s entry into outsourcing of the film shooting process for foreign film projects to be shot in India.  IDream Production is a film production and distribution company that was set up to create a platform to promote inspiring and interesting cinema.  IDream initially pioneered new age cinema with the successful distribution of ‘Monsoon Wedding’, ‘Bollywood/Hollywood’, and ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ in India. 

Courtney Wilkinson

Velicia Sutton

Renee Millett

Saurabh Arora