Group Six: Reverend Samuel Parris, Tituba, and Betty Parris

Reverend Samuel Parris:
Samuel Parris was born in London and later in life became a reverend in the town of Salem. His potion was a high in society but he was not liked in Salem. In October of  July 1691, the committee refused to impose a tax to support his salary and fire wood throughout the winter. His response was that in his sermons, he began telling that Satan was beginning to corrupt the town. Samuel Parris is the father of Betty Parris and owned the slave Tituba. He was a British male at the age of 31 when his daughter suffered from witchcraft.
She was a slave for the Reverend Samuel Parris, who is the father of Betty Parris.
People looked down on her and she had a very low social status.
She was half Indian, half African American.
Tituba is from Barbados.
One sight says she was around 25 at the time of the trails.
She was the first to "confess" to witchcraft.
Even though she "confessed the mantle of guilt thrust upon Tituba may not be rightfully or at the very least, not just hers.  
Most of the understanding we have about her as the"Black Witch of Salem" is local tradition and fictional literature rather than actual court documents or eye-witness accounts. The reason for this is the only true information we have on any of her past is the court reports.
Betty (Elizabeth) Parris
Betty Parris was the daughter of Samuel Parris( who was the owner of Tituba). Although she was the reverend's daughter and expected to follow his foot steeps,she had "difficulty facing the stark realities of predestination and damnation that her father preached to her." When Betty was nine,  she and her cousin, Abigail Williams, began to use a "venues mirror" to look into the future. These actions would soon start the witchcraft outbreak of Salem.
Betty began having out bursts: for example during prayer time and barked like a dog or she "screamed wildly when she heard the "Our Father" prayer, one particular time she actually hurled a Bible across the room." After all of these out bursts she would cry distractedly and said she was a demon. Her father believed that prayer would cure her, but his efforts proved ineffective.