Lake Erie Trip Dates have been assigned! 
May 29, 30 & 31.
 We will leave approx. 7am Wednesday morning and return approx. 630pm Friday night.
More details to come AFTER spring break when the students are selected.
Students will be notified at the end of the school day Friday, April 12, 2013.
4th 9 weeks is a study of the environment.  How organisms function and interact as well as human impact on the environment.  Many hands-on labs and activities to simulate our content!    
Science  Class News:
Due by Friday, April 12th, students can submit work to be entered in our Be E3 Smart portfolio.  Our class is entering a statewide cmpetition that culminates on May 14th at a HUGE celebration on The Ohio State University's campus.
Students seem to think homework means it has to be written and graded to count.    
Homework is also reading, reviewing, researching, just to name a few.  Please encourage your student to review school work (even when he/she says there is no homework) 2-3 nights a week.  You can also ask your student to show you his/her agenda book nightly. 
School is like Spaghetti -
it is best enjoyed when
you dive in face first!
Science Fair News:
Lost your Guidebook?  Click on my Science Fair page and download a word version of the document.
There are 3 deadlines that are
non-negotiable for
Science Fair and Lake Erie.
Oct. 25th - Topic selection paper
Nov. 15th - Formal Proposal due
Feb. 7 - Final research paper due
Science fair experimentation may begin as soon as you receive your approved research plan.  
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