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black friday at target...from faith's perspective!

My camera was in its case in the diaper bag. No other explanation necessary. :)

Thanksgiving girl

We celebrated this Thanksgiving with our dear friends the Griffins at Lisa's parent's house (Nana and Poppy). Faith enjoyed the day so much and looked too cute in the pilgrim bear and scarecrow dress we borrowed from the McVays! (Thanksgiving day was also Faith's 25th month birthday! Although I guess now that she's two, I can stop counting by months!)

we've been tagged!

We're not even officially part of the blogging world, since our site is really just a website, but our friend Sonya tagged us anyway, which is so fun!

Here are the rules:
1. choose the 4th picture folder on my computer.
2. choose the 4th picture.
3. explain the picture.
4. tag 4 people to do the same.

As you can see from the time stamp, this was taken two days after Christmas last year by my mother in law. We were down in Florida visiting for the holidays, and Faith was quite taken with their little Yorkie statue! Our Yorkie Asher had passed away in September, maybe she made that association with him? Anyway, I just love how she has no hair here!! Crazy to think how fast its grown this past year!

Okay, we're tagging...
The Briscos

The McVays

The Barlows

The Poores

2008 election

Election day has come and gone, votes have been cast and counted, and America has elected Senator Barack Obama the 44th President of this great nation. Those who know us will know that he was not our choice for president for a wide variety of moral, social, and political reasons. For those reasons, it would be very easy to be sad, dismayed, worried, whatever, about the outcome of this election. And yet.

The election of 2008 is one that will be marked as special by future generations. For the first time, gender and racial barriers were challenged, broken down, overcome. No matter which ticket won, for the first time ever, those taking office would not be a pair of Caucasian men. A bi-racial man and a woman were the last two serious contenders for the Democratic Presidential ticket, and a woman was chosen as the Republican Vice-presidential candidate. People were excited on both sides of the political spectrum, people who had never voted or hadn't voted in a long time took part in the political process. Through it all, I am proud to live in a country that was finally able and willing to believe that race and gender were not the defining characteristics of able leaders. I am proud that Faith's first election was one where people could endeavor to ascend to the highest offices in our nation based on merits rather than on their gender or the color of their skin. That is an amazing thing.

Certainly, we will face challenges. We will have debate, and we will disagree with choices that our newly elected officials will make. Through it all, however, we will rest in knowing that we are in God's hands, that we are not alone. He was not surprised by the outcome of the election, He knows all. So I will pray for wisdom and discernment for President Obama, I will pray for the members of Congress who will help him govern, and I will pray that our nation's wounds will be healed by God's power.

Jeremiah 49:19...I will appoint the leader of My choice. For who is like Me? Who can challenge Me? What ruler can oppose my will?

2 year stats

Faith had her 2 year checkup on Halloween (same as last year, must be our tradition!) She was so not a fan of the visit this year, didn't want to be weighed, measured, checked, wanted nothing to do with it! But we managed to wrangle her long enough to learn she is 33.6 lbs. (97%), 35.5 in. (90%) and I can't remember the number, but her head is in the 95%. So yeah, we're still hanging out in the upper echelon of the growth chart! To compare, at her one year she was 30.5 inches long (90%) and weighed 24.5 lbs. (90%), so she's added 5 inches and 9.1 lbs! Growing strong...

Our little ladybug

Our friend Barbee took this great picture of Faith at Fallapalooza! There are more pictures on the 24 months page :)

2nd birthday party!

We celebrated Faith's second birthday with a "Ladybug's Picnic" party at the church playground! We had a great time with all of our friends! There are more pictures here.

A few of Faith's favorite things...

In case anyone was curious, here's a short list of Faith's recent favorite things! Don't commit it to memory though, I'm sure it'll be completely different next week! :)

Coloring. Seriously. Obsessed. You'll also note a dismembered post-it note pad (STICKERS!!) and a strange upside-down picture. That would be our friends' (Kyle and Kristen) save the date magnet for their wedding. Faith LOVES that magnet, loves telling us who is in the picture, just loves it.

A little bit of mothering and Yo Gabba Gabba. She LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba and her Plex and Brobee dolls, they go to bed with her every night. She's also taken to being a little mama, here she's tucking them in and patting them down for a nap (the patting comes from preschool, it's how we get the kiddos to nap!)

Strange empty tin. What could possibly be fun about that? Well earlier this summer, this tin contained iced sugar cookies courtesy of Nana Johnson, and although the real cookies are long gone, it is still chock full of pretend cookies! Faith just loves pretending to take cookies out and eat them, smack her lips and say they're "delicious!" I love watching her little imagination work. :)

Fall at the preschool

I realized I've never posted pictures of my preschool classroom, so here it is, all decked out for Fall! We did the paper bag pumpkins today, so cute!

Roll Tide, baby!

10/5 update: No, it wasn't pretty, but we're 6-0!

Can you believe it, BAMA is 5-0! (There's also some adorable pictures of our BAMA girl here!)

Don't you just want to squish her??

The wonderful Brandie DeLisi took some pictures of Faith last weekend for her portfolio, and although these are the only two I've seen, I think she did a great job!! Faith is so hard to photograph, she's too busy running to stop and cheese it up for the camera! So kudos to Brandie, love them!

Crazy, busy autumn...

As much as I am glad to see the triple-digit heat of the Memphis summer slowing fading, I have to say this fall has turned out to be far more...interesting?...than I ever anticipated! Kevin and I both finished our coursework for our PhDs this year (him in May, me in August), which means we're both studying for comprehensive exams (him in early November, me next February). So silly me thought this fall would be a cake walk! I mean, no classes to take? I'd have oodles of free time! Famous last words, right? :)

So this summer I took on the challenge of teaching the Ones class at Hope Preschool and Faith started going with me. That was so much fun, I signed on for the school year! My Ones class this year has eleven kiddos ranging from 14-23 months, and let me just tell you, they can give you a run for your money! Imagine Faith and then mutiply her by eleven and that's what my day is like twice a week. Then sandwiched in there on Wedesdays, I teach an American Lit survey course at Midsouth Christian College, which we thought would be a great way to ease me into the experience of teaching (as opposed to being tossed into a class of 35 at the U of M). So good times! THEN my advisor sprung a last minute assistantship opportunity for the year editing for a U of M journal, which OF COURSE I took! And somewhere in all of this I'm still meaning to take my French reading exam. (Can I just confess I haven't cooked a real meal in two weeks?)

Kevin, meanwhile, is teaching two sessions of World Civ (70 students or so total), reading for his exams, gearing up for his 5-week trip to Egypt after Christmas (two weeks as tour leader, three weeks on an archaeological dig), and taking extra Faith-duty so Mama can somehow get everything done! What a great hubby/daddy!!

So yeah. The website updates might be a little more sporadic these next few months!! We do have Faith's 2nd birthday (ack!) in the not so distant future, and there will certainly be a small ton of pictures of that, but betwen now and then, I make no promises of daily updates, only that I will do my best to post SOMETHING every week!

When did this happen!?

This week, Faith turned 22 months. Which means in only two oh-so-short months she'll be two. TWO. Two whole years old. The last few months we've witness a true transformation from baby to little person, complete with opinions, attitude, and more words than I ever imagined so that she can communicate the first two bits more efficiently. Seeing her at preschool this week made me realize that she really isn't a baby anymore, no matter how many people persist in calling her "Baby Faith," and it makes my heart cry out, "Wait, slow down! I'm not ready for you to grow up!" But then she crawls up in my lap with her blankie and paci, pats my arm with her sweet little hand as if to say, "It's okay, Mommy, I'm still you're little girl, I always will be." It's those moments, moments filled with the sweet baby smell of her hair and the gentle softness of her skin, that make it okay for me to let her go off to explore the grand world with me trailing a little further behind than I used to. I know the days are going to zip by with me hanging on for dear life, that she'll grow up and go through that phase where I'm the most ridiculous person she knows, but until then, I'll savor the snuggles, try not to stress over the tantrums, and spend more time appreciating her for the child she is instead of longing for the baby she used to be or dreading the teenager she'll become. Tonight, like every night, I'll creep into her room, peer down at her sweet sleeping face, marvel that she's ours, and thank God for the joy she's brought into our hearts.

Lots of new things on the site!

I know, I've been slack lately about putting things on the website lately, but it's been super busy here lately! We've got pictures on the 21 and 22 months pages, including visits from both sets of grandparents and pictures from preschool! I've also posted a new outfit on the craftiness page :) Have fun looking around!

Potty training herself?

Okay, I start this post with a caveat--I *know* I posted a picture of Faith pooping on the potty months ago, but really it was just a fluke thing and for months since she hasn't been interested. Then this last week, she been coming to us with a slightly wide-eyed look saying, "Poop!" and "Poop potty, Mama," so we go into the bathroom, get her on the potty (small seat on the big potty), and she'll poop on the potty! It's become a consistent thing. Now, I'm a little torn about this whole development! I mean, I love that she's interested and taking the initiative, but she won't be two until the end of October, and we figured we'd worry about potty training then (or later). Plus, she has no concept of being wet at all, so part of me wonders if we're on our way to being halfway potty trained for a while ;)

SO--thoughts? Am I being crazy to even worry about this? Should I just let her do what she's ready to do?

Prayers for a friend

Emma, the daughter of a friend from my local mommy group, was just diagnosed with Leukemia. Her diagnosis came a week after her third birthday, and thankfully the form she has is highly treatable, but please pray for this sweet little girl and her family as they go though the difficulty of adjusting to the diagnosis and beginning their three year treatment plan. You can visit Emma Grace's CaringBridge site for updates HERE.

The Johnsons and Briscos in Arkansas!

This weekend we were fortunate enough to get to spend some time with the Briscos! We haven't seen each other since before Faith and Luke were born, so it was quite different than our days hanging out in Chicago, but also infinitely better because of the kids. It was so wonderful to *finally* meet Luke and see him with Faith! It's amazing to think he's already two and Faith will be soon!! Here are just a few pictures from the weekend, which we spent in Ashdown, Arkansas, at Brian's Meemaw's house (Ashdown happens to be about halfway between Bartlett, TN, and Waco, TX. The house also has a fabulous 70s vibe!) We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again soon!!

Bonding over the double slide at the Crater Diamond State Park playground (This is what we did while Kevin and Brian were digging for diamonds. They didn't find any.)

Faith and Luke at the playground at Millwood State Park.

Playing with the bubble machine at Meemaw's.

Playing football (instead of in the sprinkler!)

Silly kids hanging out at Meemaw's

And last but not least, just for the record, here's photographic evidence of the Ashdown Playstation Showdown that Kevin and Brian had while we were there. Don't you love the setup?

Poll results: a discussion

Well, it seems as though our little munchkin is a good blend of her Mommy and Daddy, although Daddy likes to point out that in the individual categories, he wins over Mommy, lol! I have to say though, in terms of her, um, "lively" personality, that seems to have come straight from her Mommy! At least according to the tales 'Zanna and Nana tell about how Mommy and Daddy were as little ones!

A poll!

We thought it would be fun to see who everyone thinks Faith looks like these days! The pictures of Daddy and Mommy are both from just before two, so it seemed appropriate to have a poll now :)

EDIT: Here's another comparison shot, since she can look so different in different pictures! :)

Family photos

I realize it's been quite a while since we took a family photo (since Christmas, I think!), so here's one from this weekend, along with a couple of others. I love the one Rachael took of Faith and me at the winery!

Home grown salad!

Yay, we had home grown salad with our dinner! These pictures are the bibb lettuce before harvest (we only used a couple of stalks), and then here it is in the bowl with some yellow peppers and onion (not home grown) It was delish!!!

Our garden

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago, so everything is much bigger now! But here is our first attempt at a vegetable garden in raised beds! Straight ahead to the left is cucumbers and pole beans, the back corner is our dwarf peach tree, and on the right are six tomato plants and bibb lettuce. The lettuce is getting close to being harvested, and we have a number of green tomatoes! Now if only the cucumbers would catch up, we'd have a whole salad. :)

Kevin in CO

Kevin spent the first week of June (including his 30th birthday and our 8th anniversary) in Colorado grading AP World History essays. After hours upon hours of reading the same essay, he got to enjoy an evening up in the Rocky Mountains! Crazy to think there's still snow somewhere when it's so blazing hot in Memphis!

Updated Daisy pic

Here's the most recent Daisy pic, pus one from when we got her so you can see how far she's come ;)

Snazzy new feature!

You can now leave comments on your very favorite Faith posts! At the bottom of each entry, they'll be a little widget that looks like this...

Click on "Leave a comment," and you can do just that! Snazzy, eh?

Say hello to Daisy!

This is Daisy, the newest addition to our family! We adopted her from a local rescue group on 5/6, she's a 3-4 year old Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix, she's just the sweetest thing! Faith, of course, loves her new "oof oof!"

 What we're reading...

Kris: The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel; The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Kevin:  lots of Egyptian textbooks :)

Faith: Currently too obsessed with coloring/drawing to worry with reading!

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