Well surprise, surprise!

Today we had our 38 week appointment, and once again everything looked good as far as heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. I've progressed to 3+ cm dilated and 60% effaced, but as it turns out it doesn't matter much because our little girl is *still* breech! So much for being head down like we thought she was several weeks ago! The doctor was able to feel her a little better today and when she wasn't convinced that she was in the right position, sent us for an ultrasound which confirmed that Faith is indeed breech. SO...Miss Faith will be born via c-section on the morning of Friday, October 27! That will make her 39 weeks and 1 day, but since she's already hovering around the 8 lb. mark, that's probably a good thing! We were both very surprised by the news, but have made the mental adjustment and are getting geared up for her arrival in less than a week! We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we spend this last childless week together and as we prepare for Friday morning! 

And the belly grows...37 weeks

37 weeks and counting

We had our 37 week appointment today (10/13), and things are still looking good! I'm 2-3 cm dilated now and 40% effaced, so as soon as Miss Faith decides to drop down a little we should be in business! 

Getting close!

As of Friday, we are going every week for our OB appointments, which means Miss Faith will be here before we know it! Everything looked great at our appointment on the 29th (35 weeks)--Faith has flipped from her previous breech position to be head down, I'm measuring 36 weeks and I'm already 2 cm dilated, so hopefully things will continue to progress well! Only 4.5 more weeks to go, if she sticks to her due date! (Although we wouldn't be surprised if she decided she wanted to be an October baby instead!)

Entering the home stretch -- 33 weeks!

We have entered week 33, and everything is going well! We've chosen a TN OB (Dr. Judy) and a hospital for delivery (Baptist Memorial Women's Hospital), and we start childbirth classes this week! We can't believe how quickly the time has gone by, Miss Faith will be here before we know it! As you can see, she's grown quite a bit in the last month. :-)


We're Tennesseans (again)!

Greetings from Bartlett, TN! We are finally getting settled after our move from Chicago and are so excited to be in our new home. As you can see, we've been busy getting Miss Faith's room ready for her arrival in approximately 10 weeks! Can you believe how the time flies?? There's also an updated belly shot so everyone can see how big I'm getting! (And the new background is our new living room!)

Faith's room

And the belly grows...25 and 29 weeks  

And the belly grows...21 and 25 weeks

Isn't she adorable??

Faith's profile


Today we had our fourth ultrasound! Faith is currently breech, which explains all of the powerful kicks she's been giving her Mama's lower belly! She now weighs approximately 1 lb., 2 oz., and all of her growth targets are right on track, which is an awesome blessing. We're scheduled for our regular appointment next week, so everything is just going splendidly!

And the belly grows...17 and 21 weeks


Today we had ultrasound #3, and everything looked wonderful! We were able to see that Baby Johnson is in fact a girl! She was a little uncooperative about getting into the right positions, so we were able to watch her for almost an hour and a half. Even after all that, we have to go back again June 29 to try to get a picture of the other side of her heart...not that we mind being able to see her again! Kevin was so glad to know that he is going to have a daughter before he left for South Carolina for six weeks. What a blessing!!

Faith Eliza Johnson!


It's a girl!


Wonder who Baby Johnson will look like? 



We have officially entered the second trimester, and all is well! We had our regular appointment today, heard the heartbeat again, and the doctor was pleased with how well things are going. Mama appreciates how relatively easy this pregnancy has been so far, little morning sickness, no difficulties, etc. We just pray that everything continues to go well! We scheduled our ultrasound for June 2, so hopefully we'll be able to find out if Baby J is a he or a she!  



We had our second regularly scheduled OB appointment this morning, and got to hear the most glorious sound in the world--our baby's heartbeat! Everything looks great, and of course, hearing that strong heartbeat certainly puts a smile on our faces! 


 We got a second look at the little one today to better determine our due date! Baby Johnson's ETA is November 2, 2006. (maybe to share a birthday with Auntie Lynn?) As you can see, there's more to the little one now, with the head to the left and the body with arm/leg buds on the right! We were able to briefly hear the heartbeat as well, and it was going strong!

Update...3/17 and Baby Johnson's first photo

St. Patrick's Day was extra special for us this year, as we got to take a first look at our little one! It was pretty amazing to see that little heartbeat at just 7 weeks!