Project list:

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

  1.  Wintery, fleece-lined coat
  2. l/s peasant shirts
  3. Non-cord ruffle pants

Not craftiness, but baking-ness

 Made some homemade doughnuts with glaze for Christmas morning. Challenging for this non-baker, but fun and tasty!

Appliqued BAMA shirts

 Fun appliques with BAMA fabric for the nieces :)

Pumpkin snowman :)

With Halloween and Thanksgiving past us, the pumpkins on our front porch were looking a little out of place. Spray paint, buttons and scrap flannel later, we have the pumpkin snowman!

Letter applique for a friend's kiddos!

This was my first attempt at appliqueing letters, and really was a way more extensive than the single little bird I've appliqued before! These were for my friend Jennifer's kiddos, big sis Avery and lil bro Charlie who will be here super soon!! I also forgot to take a picture, so I stole this one from her blog. :)

Been a while...

Since I posted anything, but that doesn't mean I haven't had my crafty moments! As far as sewing, I have finished two pairs of ruffle cords for Faith, one a cropped navy pair, the other a long tan pair (I'll have pics of those later!), and I'm working on a super fun dress for her now! But you'll have to wait for that one. 

 I never posted this dress, which I made for Faith's second birthday! I just happened to have this adorable ladybug dotted cord and buttons laying around when we decided on the Ladybug's picnic theme, so I just had to make it! You can see pictures of her in it here.

In other news, my friend Jennifer managed to convince me to do a paper craft at one of our recent craft nights. She was making a beautiful Martha Stewart-inspired fall wreath, which I decided had too many little leaves to cut out. My version of individually cut, scored, and folded stars? Oh yeah. That's easier.

And lastly, I've been working on a Christmas present for Faith, which I don't mind showing you because she's already seen and played with them, although they will be put away until Christmas now! (Especially since she already managed to cover one in Sharpie!) She's big into pretend play these days, so I thought some felt food would go well with her coffee parties! (In case you can't tell, it's three iced cookies and a tea bag! I didn't think a coffee bag would make sense, but then again...)

 Okay, that's all for now! :)

Crayon rolls

Faith LOVES, seriously LOVES to draw/color and is slightly obsessed with crayons, markers, pens, pencils, whatever she can use to draw. I try to have some crayons and paper with me when we go out, but inevitably the crayons get lost in the depths of my bag and then disappear for all time. So I whipped up a little crayon roll to help keep them all organized and in one place! The pink/houndstooth one is the first I made (thus the slight wonkiness), the Thomas one part of a birthday present for a little friend. I'll be making a few more of these and will probably tweak them some more, but I like how they turned out!

Fair weather jacket

What a fun project this was! This was my first project with sleeves, full lining, pockets, hood, and fabric-covered buttons! The fabric was taken from a torn tab-top curtain and the lining from Kappy's stash of fabric, and they matched perfectly, go figure!

Birthday present peasant dress ;)

A lovely peasant dress for the birthday girl! Love this fabric, unfortunately it was only a narrow remnant that just wouldn't work for my girl but it worked perfectly for little Avery! :) And thanks to Jen for indulging me and letting Avery wear it to preschool! (Think I need to branch out from the peasant dresses/shirts, lol?)

Peasant dress and birdie applique

How much do I love making peasant shirts? So much that I made another shirt (shown above) and now, a peasant dress! Same pattern, just lengthened into an a-line dress. The plaid needed a little something, so i did my first applique, a flannel birdie! I left the edges raw so we'd get a nice fray in the wash. Too fun!

First day of preschool outfit

Here's what I made for Faith's first official day at preschool! It's a sweet little peasant shirt and some rickrack trimmed shorts. I was pretty excited at how they came out, I'd never done rickrack or a shirt before!
Note: After seeing these pictures, I decided to redo the neck elastic to make it loose, more like the dress above. Much better!

Dress: revised

 So I made this dress much earlier in the summer and had a different kind of strap on it...pulled through the buttonhole and knotted (see below). Turns out, those straps were really too short for Faith, and the buttonholes were so low the top sort of folded down. So I put it away and forgot about it. Then last night, I had an epiphany about grosgrain ribbon! I decided the front would be the back, added another buttonhole, and came up with this. I love it, I will be making more ;) (And excuse the crazy hair and signing for "more" in the first picture, she wanted more music!)

Why I haven't posted more projects...

 I've been up to my eyeballs in Swiffer covers!! I made one for a friend, and she wanted seven more, some fluffy ones for dust mopping and some scrubby ones for wet mopping. So the ones on the left are the dusting ones done with a puff stitch,  acrylic yarn for fluffiness, and the right are the wet ones, cotton yarn done in double crochet around the post.

Washable Swiffer cover

Why keep buying Swiffer refills when you can make your own washable one?

Method: Crochet 

Another dress

This dress was a lot of fun, although it challenged me with my first use of bias tape (which I made) and my first buttonholes!

Method: Sewn from scratch

Reconstructed dress

Method: Reconstructed dress sewn from a short sleeved button-up shirt (that used to belong to Daddy!)

Wide-leg capris

Are you ready for some football!?

Method: Sewn from scratch

Houndstooth leash

Because Daisy has to have a matching leash ;)

Method: Fold and sew

Faith's silhouette tote (Mother's Day)

Method: Freezer paper stencil

Daisy's houndstooth collar

Method: Fold and sew ;)

Animal stenciled onesies

Method: Freezer paper stencil

Digi-collage bow holder

Method: Digiscrap photo, hot glue assembly

Flower clippie

Method: Crochet, hot glue assembly