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no excuses, i just haven't taken many pictures of missy britches lately, especially ones where she's not making a crazy face or is completely turned around!! but here's a few of her showing off her new peasant tunic top i made her last week, and i promise i'll try to be better about posting!

Toddler fashion...

She insisted on putting all of this on today. It does kind of match, and for the record she is wearing a dress with little purple flowers on it!

Lovin' Dora

Faith has recently developed a level of obsession with Dora the Explorer that can truly only come from a toddler. She adores Dora. Seriously. Loves. Dora. She would watch Dora all day long while snacking on Dora cookies or gummies, sipping water from her Dora cup, all on her Dora placemat. Then she'd take a break from the television to draw on her Dora magnadoodle and then take a ride on her Dora bike. Are we getting the picture here people? LOVES Dora.

I must confess, I actually kinda love Dora too. When Kevin and I were down for the county with pneumonia last week, Dora provided a pleasant distraction for our wild and crazy little girl, giving us some down time to rest.  And Dora has taught Faith that abra means open, cierra means closed, that cymbals go "crasha crasha crasha," and that we need to wear seatbelts in the car so we can be safe. I guess I can't argue with that. :)

  I decided I needed to document the Dora stage for everyone, and these pictures just make me laugh.

Can you feel the love?

Kevin in Egypt

More photos here. :)

Faith and Reese

Home for Christmas

For the first time in the eight years we've been married, we were actually home for Christmas! We had such fun celebrating new little traditions with Faith, from making and putting out cookies and milk for Santa to Christmas Eve pjs and making homemade doughnuts for breakfast Christmas morning. Here are a few snapshots from our first Christmas at home!

Making cookies for Santa after Christmas Eve service.

Opening Christmas Eve pjs! (Yes, she was just in her diaper already!)

Putting out cookies and milk for Santa

Finding them empty the next morning!

  Waiting patiently for presents

Mommy-made felt food

So excited about her very own guitar!

A real rock n' roller ;)

decorating the gingerbread house

preschool art

These are two things Faith made at preschool leading up to Christmas. The tree is a mirror image made with paint, and the bottom is a hand/footprint reindeer placemat! Super cute. :)

holiday decor

Here's a quick peek at what we've got going on for Christmas decorations! The Christmas banner on the china cabinet is courtesy of Jennifer, who decided it didn't match her color scheme, but went perfectly with ours! (Which it does!) The mantel decor is more magnolia clippings, and the stocking in the middle? That BEAUTIFUL piece of work is Faith's new stocking, hand stitched and beaded by Zee!! LOVE IT!!

da gwinch!

Faith has discovered the awesomeness that is "Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Never mind that it originally aired on television 12 years before her parents were even born, she is smitten with the whole thing and expresses particular concern for the Grinch's dog, Max, when he's turned into a reindeer and made to pull the Grinch's sleigh. We started watching it earlier in the week, and we probably have watched it 30 times since. And it's only the first week of December! :)

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