Thank You

Thank you to the following businesses for your contribution to our cause. We greatly appreciate everything you have done to help us raise the money we need to make this trip a reality. 

Business Donors 

Arcade Animal Hospital - Monetary Donation 

Governor's Club Grant = $500.00

Caribou Coffee (Hudson & Woodbury Marketplace) - Guatemalan Coffee Donation

Cub Foods (White Bear Ave) - Allowed us to bag groceries for tips.

Culvers (White Bear Ave/94) - Allowed us to work for 10% of the profit.

Kane's Catering - monetary donation

Kowalski's - Allowing us to work for a donation.

$350 - Habitat Scholarship to Allie Freyberger
Parkway Barber/Stylists
Diondra Howard Forfeiture
Silvertson/Barvett Lawfirm 
Ann at Polly's Coffee Cove - Coffee Donation
Kay Arndt - Principal at Johnson - Allowing us to use Field House for our garage sale
Johnson HS - Allowing us to sell donuts & Candy during school & merchadise during conferences 

Individual Monetary Donors (not listed in any specific order) 

Scott and Jane Hall

Dick Streeper

Lee and Laurie Wyland

Jay & Livermore

Greg and Diane Johnston

Dave Helmen

Sonja & Dan Dixon

Bud & Dottie Helmen

Chris & Salentine

Art & Cheryl Forester

Josh & Christine Dudney

Janet Meadows

Deb & Garrett Conover

Vern & Laurie Harmon

Louise Richardson

Steve & Jane Holsteen

Brad & Maren Coulter

Jeff & Lee Souleles

Cheryl Harvey & Albert Blumhoefer

Molly Putzier

Dr. George (Butch) & Jody Leyda

Bob & Kathy VanNess

Tim & Cathy Pearson

Kirk & Jennifer Marty

Jenny Jerry

Jerry & Toni Helmen