The Level System received a
great review in Modern Drummer Magazine. 
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April 2013 issue.

The Level System has been voted runner-up for
a Drummie award from Drum Magazine.

The Level System by Jeff Johnson is a study of the accenting method as taught by George Lawrence Stone and Joe Morello. The Level System is unlike most other methods because the hands always prepare for the upcoming note one stroke in advance by utilizing full strokes, down strokes, upstrokes, and tap strokes. This allows the drummer to perform within an extreme dynamic range while remaining free of tension. The book is easy to understand through the use of in-depth explanations, musical examples, graphics, and photos. More that just a method book, this book will change the way you play!

Here's what people are saying about The Level System:

"It's the most comprehensive and well-organized text on the subject that I've seen. I will certainly recommend it to my students" - Ed Soph

 "Thank you so much writing this text.  Very nicely done, and very comprehensive.  I have never seen the rudiments broken down on paper in this way.  It is important that this methodology is documented so it can be more widely exposed." - Allen Herman

"I have been teaching the concept of up-stroke, down-stroke, and tap for about 20 years and I'm glad to see that someone has published a book aimed at developing those concepts.  If I'm not mistaken, this is the first such book since Moeller and Harr in the 1930s.  Congratulations to you and Alfred for recognizing the need."  Dr. Sandy Schaefer - Chadron State College

It has also been chosen as one of Drummerworld's Handpicked Selections

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