Johnson Drum Instruction
Professional Drum Lessons In Richmond, VA

   Jeff's Drum Setup for Performing and Touring 

Jeff's drum set at the recording studio.

Drums - Yamaha

A. 14” Snare Drum

B. 10” Yamaha Tom

C. 12” Yamaha Tom (optional)

D. 14” Yamaha Floor Tom

E.  20” Yamaha Bass Drum


Cymbals – Sabian

F.  14” HHX Evolution Hi-Hats

G.  18” HH Extra Thin Crash

H.  21” HHX Raw Bell Dry Ride

I.   20”  Artisan Ride Medium

      or 20” Sabian Prototype



J.  Vic Firth Sticks, Mallets, Brushes

     and accessories

K. Left Foot Activated Cowbell with

     Bass Drum Pedal Attachment

This is the same set that Jeff uses in the                       Johnson Drum Instruction teaching studio                       in Richmond, VA.

 Jeff is officially endorsing Vic Firth Sticks and Sabian Cymbals


Vic Firth drum sticks are pitch matched which allows them to be extremely consistent in both feel and sound.  The wood quality is second to none.  The number of stick choices are amazing.  There are sticks that are applicable to every style.

Vic Firth is also very active in eduction.  I am not only an endorser for them but also a member of their education program.

Why Sabian?

Before I played on my first cruise ship, I went to buy an entire set of new cymbals.  I actually intended on buying another brand, but I tried out every major brand - just to be sure.  To me, the Sabians sounded better than all the others.  I walked out of the store that day with a set of Sabians, and have been playing them ever since.

I have played them for years and now have the privilege of endorsing their cymbals.  Their QuietTone practice drum pads are also amazing.