Just some videos I've got up here. 

[2_03_07]   Just made and uploaded to YouTube a mock MasterCard + Apple commercial making fun of Vista and the Blue Screen of Death (even though the BSoD doesn't actually appear ever in Vista). 

[8_11_06]   So I got rid of the Apple videos because they're up on Apple's site now and much easier to find/get ahold of. This will not be updated for some time as I spend the bulk of my time updating the Nine Inch Nails section with enormous databases.

[long time ago]    Ok, so I've got the amazing Wheeee!!! Firefox commercial (a must see), as well as two of the new Apple ads. All six of the new Apple ads can be seen on Apple's website here. You can download any of the videos marked by a " * " by right-clicking (or ctrl+click on Mac) the link.

The Black Hole Glitch was a glitch a few of my friends and I found online for "Super Smash Bros. Melee" for the Game Cube. I decided to record it (using my iSight, which explains the less than stellar quality, and iMovie) and post exactly how to do it on that page, so feel free to check it out and try it for yourself!