My Apps and Games

The random games and applications I've made: 

    I have created these programs starting in my freshman year at Northeastern University. I've used Scheme and Java to create these programs and am still trying to make them better. Eventually, you'll be able to download them and try 'em out. This will take a while as none of these programs really run on their own yet. 

    I am working on learning how to use XCode 2, Apple's development utility, and will try to make some programs using it. I'll probably start up in Java (though I hate it so) and work out some GUI to use. Might start with porting the Sorter from Scheme to Java over the summer, or just try to write an Address Book program. Also might try to implement some MapQuest-like code from a project I did this year in class to make it look really clean. We'll see. Anything I make in XCode, by the way, will only run on OS X (on a Mac). Just a heads up.

To Play Space Invaders:

    Currently, in order to run my Space Invaders program you must install version 299.400 or earlier of Dr. Scheme available here. All it is is a basic program that allows you to design and run your own programs written in either simple Java or Scheme code. After installing it, double-click on the "Dr.Scheme" application and open the "Invaders0.9" file downloaded from the left. After it is open in Dr. Scheme, select the "Language" menu bar. In "Choose Language" select "Intermediate Student with Lambda". Also select "Add Teachpack" from the "Languages" bar and open the "htdp" file and select "". Then select the "Run" button to start the game. 

    There should be basic instructions as well as the entire code for you to view. If you feel adventurous, you may feel free to play around with the code (advised adjustments are provided). Keep in mind, this game is not at 1.0 yet (still 0.9) and when you complete one level, you must x-out of the box and hit the run button again. Eventually this will all work out well and there will be a much-easier-to-set-up Windows version available.


Contact Info:

    Any advice or requests are welcome. Feel free to e-mail me at .