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[02-13-07] I have added a specific Year Zero site for the purpose of helping people figure out what the hell is going on.

[01-01-07] With the release of the Broken DVD in the best quality ever, I have updated the "Bootleg Cover Art" section to include all the "Broken DVD" cover art I could find! I've got covers and backs for CD cases and DVD cases as well as an image you can use to stamp onto the DVD itself. Hope you like 'em!

If you have any that you would like to submit, send me a PM at Echoing The Sound. I'm Shadowless there.

[09-20-06] So I now have a list of most of the bootlegs that are available out there. All of these bootlegs can either be found online via torrents, or you can trade/ask for them from members of the "Echoing The Sound" (ETS) forums, linked to here on the left. Currently you can search by year, era, and tour leg (if you know the era or year), and I hope that by the summer I will have a completely searchable database of all these boots (concert audio only).

The database will have tracklists, dates, venues, tour leg,s number of sources, and lineage (when available). Keep in mind, from a programming standpoint, this is a difficult task, which is why I don't expect much to be done before the summer starts. All will eventually be found on . Wish me luck!

I have also updated my collection (both Halos and bootlegs) to include everything I currently have. I have also added the artwork (+ an alternative set) for The Broken Movie in standard jewel case format. In addition, I've linked to a web page with all concert bootleg art from any Nine Inch Nails shows from 2005. Fabulous stuff and worth checking out.

[07-10-06] Went to the Nine Inch Nails concert in Boston on [6_23_06]. It was totally awesome! Best concert I have ever been to by far! Anyway, now I'm much more of a fan than I ever was, and I'm going to try to collect a major amount of bootlegs and all the halos (including some of the major variations).

I have put up (and am continuously working on) a database for covers of Nine Inch Nails songs. Beware, the list is prety big. I've got links in there which include downloads, torrents, iTunes, and so any copywritten stuff can be previewed/purchased and any free stuff can be downloaded. Enjoy!

I will also be creating cover art for some of the bootleg CDs if I don't find better sources for them. I've already created bootleg CD case front and back inserts for "The Broken Movie", a shining star of the NIN bootleg world. It'll be posted up shortly.

Also, I have a list of what I've collected so far, along with any variations of halos I already have. It's starting out small, but hopefully I'll have the full set by this time next year (and still have money left in my bank account!).

And lastly I have a link to a really awesome NIN forum. Really helpful guys there. Good stuff. My ETS name is Shadowless, by the way...