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Hey man! Look at me rockin'  out! I'm on the internet!

New Music:

[3-5-07]    So I'm totally crazy about this new band Monty Are I. In fact, if I can, I'd like to have them play in Medfield sometime this summer. Please listen to these songs and tell me what you think!

Just In Time

In This Legacy


Away With Two Chairs 

Dublin Waltz 


Gettin' Lazy:

[12-19-06]    Gonna just do some modest updates. Haven't even looked around here in a while. School just was too much work. In any case, if you haven't already tried it, I suggest looking at the Black Hole Glitch in the "Videos" section and trying it out yourself!

Maybe someday I'll do something useful with this site....


Link Crazy: 

[7_28_06]    Added a new section for all my Nine Inch Nails related stuff and scrapped the Concerts page idea. Also, my friend Jon's site has changed to a different address and is based on some strange dial-a-ninja service. Pretty interesting. Check them out.

Just combined a few things onto the video web page to make this a little more streamlined. Might also add a few more things in there later.

I now actually have some pictures up that I've photoshopped. My favorite is the Living Butterfly.

Also got a video for a glitch in the game Super Mario Bros. Melee called the "Black Hole Glitch." Instructions and everything.

For some reason, I also have programs that I'm starting to make on here. All I've got right now is a REALLY primitive type of Invaders game, but I'm hoping to get Pong and stuff up there this summer.