4. Maintenance Projects

If you are like me, you like to plan your maintenance and improvement projects carefully. I always try to read as much as I can find in advance of turning the wrench and am particularly interested in where people have gone right and where they have gone wrong. The Jensen Healey Preservations Society message board service is a great place to get and share information, and I have made extensive use of it.

Warning: If you have dual Strombergs and have not replaced the plastic fuel tee that connects them with a metal one and some hoses and clamps, this must be your first maintenance job. Many JHs have been lost to fire due to the failure of the stock fuel tee.

Below are listed some other maintenance projects I have undertaken and my experience with each. Included are photos that may also help

1. Installation of Headlight Solenoids.
2. Pertronix Ignitor Installation.
3. Tonneau Cover Ordering and Replacement
4. Using Carbtune II on Dellortos
5. Front Suspension Rebuild
6. Fuel Tank Sending Unit Replacement
7. Fuel Tank Renewal