1. Welcome

NOTE:  This entire website is being moved to Dan Collier's Jensen Healey Preservation Photo Gallery at www.jhppg.com .  Soon no information will be available at this site.  John.

Greetings Jensen Healey owners!  I, too, was proud owner of a Jensen Healey (15375) once.  I bought it new in California in 1974 and finally lost it in 2008, victim of a Ford F350.  That story is on the Webmaster's page, if you are interested. 

Anyway, after I lost my Jensen Healey, I lost interest in maintaining my website, "John's Jensen Healey Web Page", and in about 2010, the site was taken down thanks to a Comcast "upgrade" that finally led to them getting out of the web hosting business for customers altogether. 

In the past year or two, I have received occasional inquiries from individuals and the Jensen Healey Preservation Society Message Board concerning material that had been posted on the website, and the need for the information again.  In response, I got the file disks back and have resurrected the site, this time on Google Sites free web pages.  Seems to be working well.

Please download any information you want as I don't know how long this website will be up and running.

Use this information at your own risk.  I am not an expert, but am just sharing my experience with my particular Jensen Healey and what worked for me. 

Please send any questions, corrections, omissions, comments, suggestions on the website to jrkengr@gmail.com

Happy Driving.  John (and Mimi) Kimbrough