My name is Mark Timms and I am going to the South Pole! On the trip, I am taking 100 flags representing 100 environmentally innovative companies, and will be planting those flags on the South Pole.

 Does your company have an environmentally innovative product or service? Are you an artist or individual that is concerned with our environment? If so, I would like to advertise your company on the South Pole. 

 I am selling flags for $1000 on my  long and enduring trip in January, 2010 to the coldest and most desolate place on the planet.            Money raised will benefit the Environmental Defense Fund. The group is known for its work on issues such as global warming, ecosystem restoration, ocean pollution, and human health. It is nonpartisan and its works often advocates market-based solutions to environmental problems.

 I will be actively seeking any and all media, such as; local news,  radio, local and national newspapers, talk shows, etc...  I will also advertise your company through commentary and a banner link on this website.

 If interested in becoming a sponsor, email me at