A Jesuit Tale

A Jesuit Tale begins when Mark, Tom and David meet at a Jesuit novitiate in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1968. Mark is looking for a worthy alternative to his father's professional ambitions. Tom is a fiery idealist, and David is an intelligent young man unsure of his sexuality and place in the world. In spite of radically different backgrounds and personalities, they become friends.

Tom's journey deeper into his Jesuit vocation, which leads him to Guatemala during a volatile period of civil unrest, sets the stage for the friends' greatest test of faith and loyalty. When Tom is taken captive by a Guatemalan death squad, David and Mark, no longer Jesuits, rush to his aid.


"Nothing so much as an extended meditation on what it means to discern and follow a vocation..." -- Lavendar Magazine, October 20, 2000

"Revealing the heart-stopping climax of this story wouldn't be fair. Let's just say it changes lives." -- - Mary Ann Grossman, book critic for the St. Paul Pioneer Press

...It's about being a man. Being a father. Being a lover. Being a priest. It's a good story, kept me up late reading, and made me want to join the Jesuits! -- Francesca DiPiazza, writer for Basilica Magazine

This is serious Catholic fiction, rare and provocative. -- Chuck Colbert, gay beat freelance syndicated columnist

A Jesuit Tale, received one of four honoarable mentions in the 2000 Writer's Digest awards for self-published fiction, mainstream fiction.

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