I attempt to build and fly model aircraft, I'm not very good at either.  This is my fleet:



"It looks a bit like an Edge 540 and an 'Orthorn is a kind of 'edge, isn't it?"  :)


20-sized fun-fly, with slighly insane proportions!

This was designed for me by my good friend Dave (same guy that designed the WotTF below).

Haven't started building it yet, but it's next on my list.





This is my first attempt at designing an RC aircraft.

Finished building Feb 2008.  Powered by and old Irvine 25.

Lovely to fly, not at all areobatic, but nice for lazy bumbling about in the style of a 1930's homebuild.



Alley Cat:

20-sized hand-launch model built from a Harry Gilkes plan.

Finished Early September 2007, just needs some decals.




WotTF (wot the fokker!):

This is a 46-sized high-wing sports plane designed by a friend and built by myself.  I completed it in August 2007.




 Update - end August 2007: found the weak point in the fus after an unscheduled landing behind some bushes...

Further update(Jan 2008): now fixed and back in business :)






Donated to my fleet by a good friend of mine. 

It's a 25-sized hand launch model.  It's ok, but a bit underpowered.

Currently needs the tail plane rreattaching after a number of tip-stalls on launching.  Might see how she fares with a 40 up front at some point.



Flair/CMPro Giles 202:

Donated to my fleet as a repairable.  Powered by an ASP 1.08

Repaired and flew once early 2008.

Bit dissapointed with it, felt slow and heavy, dull even on full rates.

Had a deadstick at end of first flight and lost the undercart on landing, don't know if I'll bother to fix it again...

Midget Mustang:


I built this from a Peter Miller plan from RCM&E October 2006.  Powered by an old ASP32.  Beautiful little aircraft, a pleasure to build and to fly!  Shame I keep crashing it...




Flair Cub:

 Out of service due to floppy wings.  Apparently repetitive cuban eights aren't a good idea on cubs....



David Boddington 20-size fuselage mated with a cut down gangsta wing.  Powered from an ENYA SS40.  

This is my original:





 This is my second freshly built one:




and this is it a few hours later (doh!):






(The first one was actually an awesome little aircraft, though perhaps a little too 'hot' for my level of flying at the time...)


Seagull Boomerang:

My first (completed) RC aircraft, a 40-sized trainer.

Rather tattered/battered after a number of ground/hedge related incidents.  Now in retirement.



Flair Puppeteer:

I starting building this in July 2006 and put in the attic early 2007.  

I might get it out and finish it one day!