My name is John Salvatier, and this is my professional page. Here, you will find my resume, information about me, and projects I have done.

About me

I work as a programmer/statistician/mathematician for a tiny finance company in Redmond, WA.

I'm always trying to learn useful skills and theories. You can get a better picture of what I have been studying by looking at my bookshelf and reading list; I update both somewhat regularly.

I occasionally post on a blog with a terrible name about rationality, economics, statistics, math and programming.

I work hard to think rationally about topics that are important to me. I find great satisfaction in coming up with solutions which are simple and effective. I am always searching for ways to do things more profitably. I frequent the like-minded web community LessWrong. 


You can download my resume here: John Salvatier's Resume.


e-mail: jsalvati ~at~ u.washington.edu