Awards & Notables

Over the years John has received various requests to incorporate his imagery in various exhibitions, programs, magazines and books including:

The official website of the Nobel Prize Foundation as part of a multimedia production exploring how Nobel Prizes rewarding advances in cosmology and astrophysics have given us a greater understanding of how stars are formed and die.

An exhibit on gravitational waves built by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration that premiered in 2009 at the World Science Festival in New York City, then will travel through US colleges and Universities in 2009-10 before being displayed again at the World Science Festival in 2011. Eventually, the exhibit will be permanently relocated in a museum, possibly the NY Hall of Science in NYC. This project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The Swinbourne Astronomy Online degree program from Swinbourne University of Technology, Vic, AustraliaImages of 

Circinus X-1 incorporated in the textbook "In 2 Physics @ HSC" by Pearson Press Australia.

The National Geographic Documentary "Known Universe" produced by BASE Productions in Los Angeles.

The History Channel US series "The Universe" produced by Flight 33 Productions in Los Angeles.

Several of John's images have been produced as posters.


Australian Effects & Animation Festival 1996

for "Steering & Suspension System"

First Place

'Education & Training'

Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2005

for "Gus the Gudgeon Fish"

First Place

'Education & Training'

John's Double Pulsar picture was used as the cover of an Astronomy Textbook on Pulsars


John's Double Pulsar picture has also featured as the cover on various magazines including Science, Nature, Physics World and the French edition of Scientific American.