Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God;  the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

John Rowe is an international award winning 3D Animator & Video Creator specialising in Visual Effects.

John has been sought out for his outstanding animations by clients such as the BBC and Pioneer Productions in London, the Nobel Prize Foundation and LIGO Scientific Collaboration in the U.S.A., the ABC, Network TEN, Swinburne University of Technology and the CSIRO.  His work has featured as the cover artwork on magazines 'Science' and 'Physics World', the textbook "Clocks in the Sky - The Story of Pulsars", on posters and in TV documentary series National Geographic's "Naked Science" and "The Big Question" with Professor Stephen Hawking.

Situated west of Brisbane, Australia, John has been creating computer animation professionally since 1989 for Broadcast, Corporate, Television Commercials, Education, Interactives, Games, Multimedia, DVD, CDROM, Print, Web, Performance, Live Presentation, Film and Themed Tourist Attractions.

John has extensive experience in video editing, DVD authoring and utilizing his own Greenscreen TV studio, can shoot HD video elements to offer both production and post-production services to his clients.   His facilities allow him to take any video/animation project from conception and design through the process of creating CG and video elements, editing, musical scoring and authoring to produce a final DVD or Blu-Ray ready for mastering, or a TV commercial, Corporate or Educational video ready for broadcast or display, or an Interactive exhibit ready for installation. 

While primarily utilizing Adobe Creative Suite (particularly After Effects & Premiere Pro), Maya, Cinema 4D, Mocha Pro and Modo John also holds licenses of many other packages ensuring the optimum approach and toolset for any animation job.   John is a specialist in the area of astronomical animation. His largest project to date was the creation of almost 60,000 frames of animation sweeping the audience along on a voyage through the universe at the Charleville Cosmos Centre Interpretive Centre. He received an AEAF award (his fourth international award) for his work on this project.

In addition to extensive experience in animation and visual effects, John brings to any task a wealth of experience across a wide range of programs and platforms augmented by 30 years in computer programming.

The Gallery tab at the top of this page allows you to explore John's animations.  The Cooliris window below gives you a brief overview of some of John's images, but to see his animations you'll have to click the Gallery tab at the top of the page.  Please enjoy.

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