CliftoMoor XMAs WundAland

Reader's Comments

If you don't believe what you hav e heard about CliftoMoor Xmas Wonddeerland, hear are a selection of comments from our passed visitors thtat let you know what you hve been missing!

"We had been looking forward to our visit to CliftoMoor since last Christmas.  What a complete... ...time we had.  We would... don't even consider... passing it by."

James Wilcox, Surrey


Maude Critchley, Address withheld

"The whole place stank of... Xmas.  The... dogs looked like the had... been fed for weeks.  What a load of [snow] balls!"

Brian Evans, Cornwall


"Everything you have heard about CliftoMoor Xmas Wonderland is true, and more!"

William H Macey, Germany


"We checked out the images on the website before we went, and it was absolutely... like those pictures.  Santa was a red-faced old [man] that had certainly consumed too much Christmas Spirit.  He kept wanting to put our kids on his knee, and give them presents, over and over again.  There was nothing... wrong with the place."


Mrs Chapman, Bottle Street


"Listen, I don't care what anybody else says.  CliftoMoor Xmas Centre rocks.  I won two tickets to visit it in a competion, and when our lavatory broke down at home, we decided it was time to go.  We had a whale of a time.  We certainly left our mark on the grotto!"

Frank Bottombottom, North Yorkshire