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UPDATED:  July 2, 2015  2:00 pm
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Below you will find the 2015 Marshall County Tour Mystic Hills Golf Tournament.  Thanks to all who participated.  Tour information is listed below.  If you would like a copy of the blank spreadsheet at the bottom of this page, do the following.  Click the "Team Hole by Hole Results" tab.  You will then be given choice as to the view.  Click the "Go to spreadsheet view" choice.  From there you can download the file.  If you need any additional help let me know by e-mailing me.  I hope to see all of you at spring boys golf tournaments.

Marshall County Tour Stop:  Swan Lake July 2

1Music, GregTriton1287
2Butler, MichaelLaVille688
3Sawyer, JacksonRochester589
4Figg, DakotaLaVille490
 Schafer, KyleLaVille490
6Ukinski, JoshuaBremen292
7Thomas, TylerLaVille195
8Hatfield, MasonGlenn196
9Sarber, ColeGlenn199
10Jones, TevinCulver1100
11Newhart, SamGlenn1103
12Mann, JacobNorthridge1110

1Wall, IsaacTriton788
2Hepler, BeauBourbon492
3Nichols-Peterson, NateLaVille393
4Butler, MattLaVille2104
5Butler, ChaseTriton1110
6Gawronski, CalebPlymouth1115
7Medina, TannerRochester1121

1McKinney, ColeTriton1440
2Brouyette, CadeTippecanoe Valley742
3Himes, AndrewPlymouth649
4Bagley, NicPlymouth550
5Yelaska, BrettBremen456
 Hutsell, NatePlymouth456
7Berndt, JonahGrace Baptist260
8Westafor, KeganTriton164
9Frankiewicz, JacobUrey169
10Kemp, BlaineGlenn171
11Manikowski, SamArgos172
12Johnson, KylePlymouth174
13Clanton, IanUrey183
14Blankenmyer, EricUrey196

1Wadkins, BraedonHome School726
2Westafer, ChandlerTriton429
3Butler, GavinTriton331
4Bacon, DanielPlymouth232
5Manikowski, NateArgos137
6Hoover, BradyPlymouth151
7Blankenmyer, BobbyUrey1NS

1Wadkins, GrantHome School426
2Hoover, BricePlymouth233
3Parker, WesTippecanoe Valley135
4Thomas, CodyLaVille139

1Sandler, AndiPenn982
2Read, LaurenCGA586
3Stillson, SummerNorthwood490
4Homann, AlexBremen391
5Schmeltz, AnnaGlenn292
6Bowers, LucyPenn195
7Miller, LexiBremen1103
8Thurin, MaddiePenn1113
9Manikowski, AbbyArgos1117

1Weaver, MacKenzieNorthwood945
2Stillson, CybilNorthwood558
3Slabaugh, AbbyNorthwood462
4Marohn, JuliaPlymouth364
5Marohn, ClaudiaPlymouth271
6Cripe, EmmaUrey176
7Henning, MadisonRochester185
8Foster, AshlynRochester189
9Klinedinst, ElisabethUrey197

1Howdeshell, EmmaRochester734
2Thomas, AvaRochester435
 Weaver, MadelynMentone435
4Moriarty, MollyMentone236
5Howdeshell, MiaRochester137
6Wolff, BriannaWalkerton143
7Thompson, MadisonMentone145

Marshall County Junior Golf Tour 2015

The 35th year of the Marshall County Junior Golf Tour includes seven tournaments beginning June 12th at Mystic Hill Golf Club.  Boy’s age groups are: 8-9 (play 5 holes), 10-11 (play 6 holes), 12-13 (play 9 holes), 14-15 and 16-18 (play 18 holes).  Girl’s age groups are: 8-11 (play five holes), 12-14 (play 9 holes), and 15-18 (play 18 holes).  Parents are welcome and encouraged to walk and help monitor play as well as record and verify scores.  All children age 8-11 will receive an award at each event.  At least half the field will win awards for all older age divisions.  Contestants may choose to compete at an elevated age group but not a lower age group than his/her age.  Proper golf attire (collared shirt, mock turtleneck) is required.  No blue jeans or cutoffs!


*POINT SYSTEM (format used to determine season champions):  There are 7 tour events but only the player’s  best 5 point total finishes will be used to determine the season champion in each division.  Each event first place is equal to the number of participants playing on each date in his or her division, second place is half the number of participants; third place is one point less than second, etc.  Example 10 participants 1st=10 points, 2nd=5 points, 3rd=4 points, 4th=3 points, 5th=2 points, 6th-10th=1 point.  Division champions and runners-up will be presented awards at the final tour stop, Plymouth Rock Golf Course, on Wednesday, July 15th.


Tour dates and locations:

June 12, Friday – Mystic Hills Golf Club (Culver) 842-2687

June 16, Tuesday          – Plymouth Country Club 936-9008

June 26, Friday              – Tri-Way Golf Club (Plymouth) 936-9517

June 30, Tuesday          – Round Barn Golf Club @ Mill Creek (Rochester) 223-5717

July 2, Thursday            – Swan Lake Resort-Indiana National Golf Club-Silver (Plymouth) 936-9798

July 7, Tuesday             – Sprig O’ Mint Golf Club (Bremen) 546-2640

            July 15, Wednesday       – Plymouth Rock Golf Course (Plymouth) 936-4405


below is the tentative plan and approximate tee times:

12-13 boys:                           9-holes (first tee time at 7:20 from # 10)

                16-18 boys:                           18-holes (first tee time at 7:30 from # 1)

                14-15 boys:                           18-holes (shotgun start at 7:40 from #'s 16, 17, 18)

                10-11 boys:                           6-holes 10-15 (first tee time approximately at 8:10 from # 10)

15-18 girls:                            18-holes (shotgun start at 8:15 from #'s 14, 15, 16)

                8-9 boys:                               5-holes (first tee time approximately at 8:25 from # 10)

12-14 girls:                            9-holes (first tee time approximately at 9:40 from # 1)

8-11 girls:                              5-holes 1-5 (first tee time approximately at 10:00 from # 1)


Tee times reflect numbers from previous year events…subject to change. 

After each event, times may be adjusted to accommodate the number of players in each age group.


IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER: Call the golf course!


Results posted on John Roberts' golf website or google johnroberts711. 


More information contact Steve Read:  

                                                                                3674 W. Shore Drive, Bremen, IN 46506

                                                                                (574) 248-0733

2015 Marshall County Junior Golf Tour Registration Form


Two payment options: 1. complete series ($62) or 2. individual events at $11 per event (pay early or day of event).


_____ Entire series $62.00 (INCLUDES T-SHIRT) Return form & payment by June 2th or check individual events at $11.00 per event you plan to attend and return with payment or pay the day of the event.

_____ June 12, Friday           Mystic Hills Golf Club (Culver)

_____ June 16, Tuesday         Plymouth Country Club        

_____ June 26, Friday                       Tri-Way Golf Club (Plymouth)

_____ June 30, Tuesday         Round Barn Golf Club @ Mill Creek (Rochester)

_____ July 2, Thursday         Swan Lake Resort - Indiana National Golf Club-Silver (Plymouth)

_____ July 7, Tuesday                       Sprig O’ Mint Golf Club (Bremen)

_____ July 15, Wednesday    Plymouth Rock Golf Course

_____ Total amount enclosed - Return completed form payment for individual events may be included with form or pay the day of the event.  Additional events may be added by the golfer at a later date.

Return to:  Steve Read, 3674 W. Shore Drive, Bremen, IN 46506

                  Contact Steve Read at (574) 248-0733 or Checks payable to Steve Read.


  Name _________________________________ (circle one) M or F Age (as of March 19th) ____ 

  Parent’s (Guardian) Name ________________________________________________________

  Address ______________________________________________________________________

  City _______________________________________ State _____ Zip Code ________________

  Phone Number (_____) _________-____________ Name of School _______________________

  Emergency Phone Number(s) (_____) _______-___________   (_____) _______-____________

  E-mail address _______________________@________________________________________

T-shirts for those paying ($60) for entire series by Tuesday,, June 2nd.  (Please check size)


            ___Youth Medium                  ___Youth Large                       ___Adult Small           

            ___Adult Medium                   ___Adult Large                        ___Adult Extra Large



I understand that golf is a game of integrity (high moral standard and honesty) and I will NOT CHEAT or behave in such a manner unacceptable according to golfing standards.  Such unacceptable behavior will result in forfeiture of the right to continue play in the MCJGTProper golf attire required! (collared shirt, mock turtleneck).  No blue jeans or cutoffs!


Participant’s Signature ___________________________________

I, we, _______________________________, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of ______________________ release the Marshall County Junior Golf Tour, its members, volunteers, the participating golf courses, and anyone associated with the MCJGT from any liability for any event or consequence whatsoever in any way arising from or relating to the applicants entry or participation in the MCJGT.  In the case of an emergency occurring during an event, we, the parents or guardians, authorize a qualified medical doctor to take all necessary measures in the treatment of the applicant.


Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature ________________________________________

Match and Tournament Results for up to 24 Teams