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UPDATED:  July 22, 2015  3:30 pm
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Below you will find the 2015 Marshall County Tour Plymouth CC Golf Tournament.  The final standings are listed below the tour stop results.  Thanks to all who participated.  I hope to see all of you during the girls high school season.  If you would like a copy of the blank spreadsheet at the bottom of this page, do the following.  Click the "Team Hole by Hole Results" tab.  You will then be given choice as to the view.  Click the "Go to spreadsheet view" choice.  From there you can download the file.  If you need any additional help let me know by e-mailing me.  I hope to see all of you at spring boys golf tournaments.

Marshall County Tour Stop:  Plymouth CC July 22 

1Music, GregTriton1182
2Ukinski, JoshuaBremen687
3Newhart, SamGlenn588
4Thomas, TylerLaVille489
5Butler, MichaelLaVille390
6Schafer, KyleLaVille297
7Sarber, ColeGlenn1106
8Mann, JacobNorthridge1110
9Becker, DevonGlenn1113
10Johnson, CalebGlenn1114
11Hatfield, MasonGlenn1115

1Hepler, BeauBourbon695
2Wall, IsaacTriton396
3Nichols-Petersen, NathanLaVille2108
4Gawronski, CalebPlymouth1109
5Butler, ChaseTriton1111
6Medina, TannerRochester1118

1McKinney, ColeTriton1145
2Brouyette, CadeTippecanoe Valley645
3Himes, AndrewPlymouth546
4Westafor, KeganTriton452
5Hutsell, NatePlymouth353
6Yelaska, BrettBremen259
7Reichart, JakePlymouth163
8Johnson, KylePlymouth166
9Czarnecki, LaytonLaVille167
 Kemp, BlaineGlenn167
11Berndt, JonahGrace Baptist172

1Pfefferle, SamBremen825
2Bacon, DanielPlymouth427
3Butler, GavinTriton328
4Westafer, ChandlerTriton235
 Christy, BennettPlymouth235
6Libey, SethBremen136
7Wadkins, BraedonHome School140
8Hoover, BradyPlymouth151

1Czarnecki, ColinLaVille533
2Parker, WesTippecanoe Valley333
3Hoover, BricePlymouth234
4Wadkins, GrantHome School138
5Thomas, CodyLaVille141

1Read, LaurenCGA881
2Schmeltz, AnnaGlenn484
3Stillson, SummerNorthwood385
4Bowers, LucyPenn292
5Miller, LexiBremen195
6Dunn, RandiPlymouth199
7McElwee, LillyGlenn1114
8Hayden, BethanyGlenn1143

1Weaver, MacKenzieNorthwood646
2Stillson, CybilNorthwood353
3Slabaugh, AbbyNorthwood254
4Foster, AshlynRochester183
5Henning, MadisonRochester185
6Klinedinst, ElisabethUrey189

1Weaver, MadelynMentone237
2Wolff, BriannaWalkerton147

Final Marshall County Tour Standings (Top Five)

 Boys 16-17 Total
1Music, GregTriton36
2Butler, MichaelLaVille35
3Schafer, KyleLaVille21
4Ukinski, JoshuaBremen20
5Thomas, TylerLaVille18

 Boys 14-15 Total
1Wall, IsaacTriton34
2Hepler, BeauBourbon18
3Nichols-Petersen, NathanLaVille17
4Butler, MattLaVille17
5Gawronski, CalebPlymouth10

 Boys 12-13 Total
1McKinney, ColeTriton63
2Brouyette, CadeTippecanoe Valley33
3Himes, AndrewPlymouth25
4Westafor, KeganTriton18
5Hutsell, NatePlymouth17

 Boys 10-11 Total
1Pfefferle, SamBremen34
2Wadkins, BraedonHome School24
3Butler, GavinTriton19
4Christy, BennettPlymouth14
5Bacon, DanielPlymouth12

 Boys 8-9 Total
1Czarnecki, ColinLaVille14
2Parker, WesTippecanoe Valley13
3Thomas, CodyLaVille7
4Oliver, JohnSt Michaels7
5Wadkins, GrantHome School7

 Girls 15-17 Total
1Read, LaurenCGA38
2Schmeltz, AnnaGlenn20
3Sandler, AndiPenn16
4Homann, AlexBremen15
5Stillson, SummerNorthwood15

 Girls 12-14 Total
1Stillson, CybilNorthwood25
2Weaver, MacKenzieNorthwood20
3Marohn, JuliaPlymouth14
4Klinedinst, ElisabethUrey11
5Cripe, EmmaUrey9
6Henning, MadisonRochester9

 Girls 8-11 Total
1Thomas, AvaRochester20
2Moriarty, MollyMentone16
3Weaver, MadelynMentone16
4Howdeshell, EmmaRochester11
5Wolff, BriannaWalkerton7
6Stillson, CybilNorthwood7

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