Selby Press Release -new species of Drymonia described



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New Species of Flowering Plant from Costa Rica

Described by Selby Scientists


(December 22, 2008, Sarasota, FL): Dr. John R. Clark, Director of the Gesneriad Research Center at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and his collaborator, Dr. John L. Clark, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama, are publishing a new plant species for science from Costa Rica in the genus Drymonia (a gesneriad, related to African violets). The new species Drymonia decora, is a long, pendulous herb with striking dark green leaves and yellowish-white, tubular flowers.  It was discovered on a 2003 Selby Gardens' research expedition to Costa Rica.

The name, Drymonia decora, pays honor to Ann Maxine Patton, manager of the Boracayán Wildlife Refuge where the species was discovered, and her grandmother, Ann Esworthy. The English name 'Ann' is derived from the Hebrew "channah" meaning "grace."  The junior Ann and her husband, John Bender, graciously hosted the field team during their work in this scientifically and ecologically important new reserve. Ann Esworthy and her husband, Walter, are long-time supporters of Selby Gardens, having served in various capacities since the Gardens' inception in the early 1970's. Their connection formed the original impetus for the floristic inventory project resulting in this discovery.

New species descriptions are only a small part of the globally important research and conservation efforts of Selby scientists. For more information, please contact Dr. John R. Clark at (941) 366-5731, ext. 256 or


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