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 Art exhibitions 2007 - 08

  • BBC Radio Wales | Good Evening Wales: The Newport Nude (opens video clip) | 22 July 2008 | The controversy surrounding the so-called "Newport Nude" painting by Sir Gerald Festus Kelly was featured on the BBC Radio Wales news programme "Good Evening Wales" on 22 July 2008 | Interview with Guest Curators John Wilson and Roger Cucksey, probing behind the sensationalist headlines courted by the daily press.
  • 22 July 2008 - THE ART OF THE NUDE - UK daily press
"Banned brazen nude" - sensationalist headlines appeared in the  Daily Mirror  |  Daily Mail | Daily Telegraph |  BBC News | The London Evening Standard | The Times | See full news archive here.

  • South Wales Argus, 15 July 2008 | Newport nude can go on view again   

    "A saucy nude who scandalised Newport in the 1940s is once again being exposed to the public gaze. | Clothed and unclothed and ranging from the strictly representational through to the abstract the exhibition shows off one of the finest art collections in Wales".

  • South Wales Argus, 3 Oct 2007 | Call to put city's art wealth on show | "Newport has a wealth of art treasures (...) But with space at a premium, just five per cent of the gems are on public display. | Now public watchdogs are to look at how to increase public access to the collection, which could include virtual viewing. (...)  Earlier this year, we reported how Newport's Keeper of Art Roger Cucksey and guest curator John Wilson launched the gallery's first ever on-line exhibition, Documenting the City."  

  • Buzz Magazine, June 2007 | DOCUMENTING THE CITY | "The exhibition also celebrates the city's desire to carry itself steadily forward into the future. This unique collection will not only be museum-bound as people can access and admire the anthology from their very own homes - an online gallery and archive has been set up to further enhance Newport's reputation as an extremely forward moving and thought provoking metropolis".