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JohnPaul Kusz, FIDSA                                                                                                        


Since 1998, JohnPaul Kusz has been President of JPKusz, Ltd, providing consulting and business development strategies dedicated to eliminating or reducing the negative environmental consequences of business and commerce. Clients include businesses, non-government organizations, and academic institutions.

In 1996 John Paul became affiliated with the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), initially as a guest lecturer, and later as an adjunct professor at both the IIT Stuart Environmental Management Program and the IIT Institute of Design.

In March of 2000, he formally proposed the formation of a Center for Sustainable Enterprise including a paradigm shift in Stuart’s traditional environmental management program to include courses that explored innovation at the product, business and systems level of enterprise to drive environmental and social improvements as an integral and compelling part of corporate strategy.

Stuart’s Center for Sustainable Enterprise, was subsequently founded to build, apply and test models of sustainability and corporate social responsibility at the enterprise level with partners in government, industry and other stakeholder groups. Models developed by JohnPaul include the business level model of expanded Total Asset Management™ (eTAM™) and a multi-sector modeling strategy known as Comprehensive Enterprise Modeling™ (CEM™).  With his assistance, the curriculum of the Environmental Management Program has modified and broadened the concept of environmental management to go, as JohnPaul put’s it, “… from the end of the pipe, to the corner office.” Both initiatives have contributed to Stuart’s excellent standing in the environmental community.

Formerly, JohnPaul was Director of Product Development for Safety-Kleen Corp., developing products, services, and programs related to the management of materials for resource recovery. In addition to directing the company’s Product Development Group, he founded and directed the company’s model Product Stewardship Program. During his fifteen-year tenure at Safety-Kleen, the company grew tenfold ($1.1 BB) and received national recognition for creating products and systems focused on the mitigation of environmental impacts through resource reduction and product management. These included, the IDSA/Business Week Design of the Decade Award, and the Product Development and Management Association’s Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award.

He has authored over fifty articles and, as a contractor for the US Congress Office of Technology Assessment, he was a major contributor to “Green Products by Design,” a seminal publication on the potential of design to remediate environmental impacts. He has presented at national and international conferences and seminars, speaking on subjects that range from education to environmental problem solving through the design process and organizational change. He has developed products in areas of recreation, personal health and safety, medical imaging and surgery and resource recovery systems, receiving ten US and International patents.

JohnPaul served on the US EPA Peer Review Group for its Product Life Cycle Assessment Project and was an invited technical expert to the Canadian Standards Association’s (CSA) Environmental Labeling, Design for the Environment Guidelines and The Strategic Advisory Group on the Environment (SAGE) the precursor group to the ISO-14000 Environmental Management Standards, subsequently becoming a member of the US Contingent in the development of the ISO 14000 General Guidelines.

Having earned a BFA, Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champagne, Illinois; an MFA from the University of Illinois, Chicago; and an MBA from Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois, he is currently completing a  Ph.D. at  Erasmus University, the Netherlands in its “International Ph.D.Program on Cleaner Production, Cleaner Products, Industrial Ecology and Sustainability.”   His current research is focused on developing “sustainable” product/business/system models, and exploring alternative carbon management policies and strategies based largely on his work at the Center for Sustainable Enterprise.

JohnPaul is a member of the Industrial Designer's Society of America (IDSA), where he was a founding member of its Committee on Environmental Concerns. Other invited memberships and fellowships include the International Society of Industrial Ecology (IS4IE), The International Design Center for the Environment (IDCE),  The American Institute for Pollution Prevention (AIPP), where he served as vice president, and the Compression Institute as an advisory board member. He is an invited Fellow in the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (RSA).

Regarded by many in the design profession as “the undisputed authority on sustainability” JohnPaul was inducted into the Academy of Fellows, Industrial Designers Society of America in 2007 for, "...his .efforts, over the course of his 35-year career, to emphasize the role Design can play in improving the human condition and his leadership in establishing standards of practice now considered fundamental to responsible design and business practice."


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