Colleagues and Collaborators

Center for Sustainable Design, UK

The Center for Sustainable Design (CfSD), one of the UK’s premier group’s focused on sustainable design thinking, was established in 1995.  CfSD focuses on product sustainability and sustainable innovation, providing research, consulting, conferences, and training for public and private sector clients in Europe, North America and Asia.  

I have worked with Martin Charter, CfSD director, as a conference advisor, presenter and juror on several of events. The opportunity to bring CfSD to Chicago in 2006 for its annual conference on Total Sustainable Product Design and Innovation was a milestone. It was CfSD's  first conference in North America.  We have built, and continue to enjoy, a strong and productive relationship. 


Design Makes Change

Design Makes Change is a group of designers, artists, and educators living and working in Chicago. Partnering with organizations, community leaders, businesses, and education bodies they are organizing and supporting a series of annual design competitions to address environmental, social, and infrastructural issues in Chicago. The competitions focus on a different neighborhood each year and aim to encourage designers to understand and address the challenges we face by investing their design skills to create cleaner, safer neighborhoods and a healthy Chicago for everyone.  Great idea!

There ’s lots of positive energy and creative thinking here. Lead organizers Siobhan Gregory, Janalyn Hubbell, and Wendy Uhlman are making this effort worth the connection for anyone who knows that Art and Design has a significant role in shaping the future and who wants to be a part of it all. Advising this group since its inception has  strengthened my belief in a bright future for "The Windy City."  

This year's competition: "The Air We Breathe; The Chicago Clean Air Design Challenge.

George P. Nassos & Associates, Inc.    

Sustainable Energy Systems 

George leads both George P. Nassos & Associates, Inc. and Sustainable Energy Systems

He is the former director of the MS in Environmental Management and Sustainability program at IIT-Stuart School of Business. During his tenure at Stuart he expanded the environmental management program with new courses focused on sustainable business planning and practices as an environmental strategy, starting in 1999; and the Center for Sustainable Enterprise, which we co-founded in 2000.  His program was one of the first based in a business school to advance a model of a proactive sustainability strategy as a key component of the business model.  Innovations developed during his tenure earned the school worldwide recognition at the turn of the millennium.  George’s support and perseverance made it possible for me and others to explore new possibilities, challenge the status quo, and stretch the boundaries.  George’s leadership helped make Stuart’s EM&S program great, and Stuart a great place to “play” with new ideas.  If that sounds too good to be true,  just ask his students!

Today, through his consultancy, George provides corporate training and guidance to organizations that want to make sustainability a pervasive core discipline. We often collaborate in these engagements.

George is also a principal of Sustainable Energy Systems, a company he formed to develop and deliver a unique, waste-to-energy, onsite system that generates electricity as well as hot air and water. His interest in clean energy includes a continuing development of a compact, high-efficiency wind turbine and related control system to maximize efficiencies. 

Green Seal

Founded in 1989, Green Seal develops life cycle-based sustainability standards for products, services and companies and offers third-party certification to those that meet its criteria standard. Green Seal raises the bar, seeking to move organizations and the products they make forward in a virtuous cycle of striving for the highest common denominator.

Having worked with these dedicated people on early standards and on projects from cleaning products, research projects and the implementation of hotel and restaurant programs has deepened my understanding of the path we must take if we are to get serious about sustainability.  Green Seal’s president, Arthur Weissman is a friend, mentor and colleague.

J. Ottman Consulting

Jacqueline Ottman has a firm belief in the power of the market and in innovation to affect needed change. She brings over twenty years of working with sustainability leaders, coupled with blue chip consumer packaged goods expertise and rigorous attention to strategy to help businesses and other organizations meet their consumers' needs sustainably.

Working with her on DesignGreen and other projects related to changing our thinking and behavior about making, marketing and consuming of products has been and continues to be a pleasure. Her passion for positive change is contagious…

Her latest publication: “The New Rules of Green marketing, Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding” opens the reader to the emerging, greening landscape of the marketplace. We all have a role to play in making it a more fertile place to steward a sustainable society, be we producing, purveying or purchasing…

Responsibility Alliance

The Responsibility Alliance founded by Gary Waterworth Owen in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit- is an alliance of ‘EcoVenturers’ - explorers and entrepreneurs - all committed to restoring water resources, improving food security, community based development, nature conservation, sustainable product design, eco tourism and responsible leadership that contributes to a more prosperous and equitable world.

In Gary’s words, ” Via short journeys towards sustainability - participants learn firsthand about Responsible Water Stewardship, Global Citizenship, Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Design for Social Impact, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Conservation. They are inspired and equipped to return home, eager to embed effective and innovative solutions to the global challenges now confronting every individual, company and community on planet earth.

There’s a long story here, and it’s a site worth exploring.  As I believe, sustainability, will be achieved if we rewrite our story; the story about how we relate to each other and to the earth.  We have done a bit together and need to do much more. Gary is a kindred spirit…

The Compression Institute

The Compression Institute is dedicated to developing people to function effectively to increase our quality of life in challenging circumstances of the 21st century. "Compression Thinking" is based on the book "Compression" (2009) written by institute founder, Robert Hall, PhD.  Compression Thinking integrates a number of ideas Hall has studied over the past thirty years  and organizes them into a framework for organizations to cope with the inevitable changes we are facing.   The institute's primary mission is to turn companies and organizations  into vigorous and continuous learning enterprises that embrace the changes we need to make the future work.

Robert W. “Doc” Hall is Professor Emeritus, Indiana University. He now lives in Hondo, TX. Hall is a founding member of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, with a long background in manufacturing and academia.

As an advisory board member to the institute I hope to contribute to its continual learning and incorporate the frameworks and practices that result into my work.  

To be continued....