Selected Publications & Presentations

The following are a select group of papers and presentation materials that reflect the development of concepts and the path to my current thinking about making sustainability a reality.

Highlighted documents can be retrieved.

A full list of publications is included in Curriculum Vitae, under personal profile.

'A New Design Ethic for a New Reality', in Walker, S. and Giard, J. (eds) The Handbook of Design for Sustainability, Bloomsbury Academic, London, pp 299 – 311, July, 2013

"The Climate Change Casino, our biggest bet yet..."  Ninth International Conference, India Development Coalition of America (IDCA),  Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Rice Campus, Wheaton IL. October 16, 2011. 

"What Price Power?" The Air We Breathe: The Chicago Clean Air Design Challenge Symposium,  
The Gallery at 
1915 S. Halsted Street, The Pilsen Neighborhood, Chicago, IL.  
Sponsored by Design Makes Change,  June 18, 2011.


“Story and Sustainability,” IDSA Midwest District Conference, “Every Design Tells a Story,” Hyatt Renaissance Center, Milwaukee Wisconsin, April 17, 2010.


“Driving Radical Innovation,” Sustainable Innovation 09, Towards a Low Carbon Innovation Revolution,
Farnham Castle, Farnham, UK, October 26th-27th 2009.


“Our Carbon Conundrum, Personal Practice and Public Policy,” Net Impact Carbon Workshop, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois. July 10, 2008


Kusz, J.P., Wells-Papanek, D., The World is Smaller, Design is Bigger – Living Learning and Designing in a Sustainable WorldInnovation, (IDSA Journal), Summer, 2007.

Kusz, J.P.,The Carbon Footprint, A Life Cycle Overview Approach to Evaluate Product Impact in Development,” Proceedings, "Elements of Change," Industrial Designers Society of America 2006 National Conference and Education Symposium, Austin, Texas, September 17-20. 2006.

Kusz, J.P., Nassos, G.P., “Small Business, Big Changes, Focusing On Sustainability, A Small Business Drives Innovation Internally And Policy In Its Sector,” Proceedings,  9th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation, “Science, Society and Sustainability,” Santorini, Greece, June 18-21, 2006

Kusz, J.P., “When Good Design Means Responsible Design,”  Design Management Review, Summer, 2005

Kusz, J.P., “Living Out of the Box  -  Generating Product and Business Innovations that Balance the Tenets of Sustainability,” Proceedings, Sustainable Innovation 03 - Creating Sustainable Products, Services and Product-Service Systems, Towards Sustainable Product Design - 8th International Conference, Stockholm, Sweden October 27-28, 2003.

Kusz, J.P., A Resource Recovery and Conservation Scheme,” An Enterprise Model To Create Long-Term Value And Income Streams, Proceedings, Going Green – CARE Innovation 2002, Vienna, Austria, November 25,2002

Kusz, J.P.,  “Innovating for the Global and International Marketplace,” The Hidden Potential of Emerging Economies, Proceedings: 2002 International Conference on Industrial Design &The  8th  China Industrial Design Annual Meeting, Shenyang , PR China, September 14th - 19th, 2002.

Kusz, J.P., Nassos, G.P.,  “Sustain This. Sustain This! Sustain This?” Industrial Ecology in the Context of the Business/Product Model, Proceedings: The International Society for Industrial Ecology, Inaugural Meeting, The Science and Culture of Industrial Ecology, The Netherlands, November 12-14, 2001.

Kusz, J.P., "Industrial Design, Meet Industrial Ecology,” The Expanding Role of Industrial Design on a Limited Planet, Proceedings: ICSID-2001, International Congress of Societies of Industrial Design, Congress,  Exploring the Emerging Design Paradigm, Oullim, Seoul, South Korea, October, 2001.

Kusz, J.P., “Starting Over,” Repositioning the Designer in the Design Process,  Proceedings: IDSA National Conference on Design Education, “Designing Your Life,” Massachusetts Collage of Art, Boston, MA. August 14, 2001.

Kusz, J.P., “Designing with Sustainability in Mind.” We Become What We Think About,  Proceedings: The IDSA National Conference on Design Education, “Designing Your Life,” Massachusetts Collage of Art, 
Boston, MA. August 14, 2001.

Kusz, J.P. and Petruzi, M., The Cleanest Cleaners” Green Seal’s Sustainable Lodging Stakeholder Initiative, Lodging, October 2000.

Fava, J., et al, “A Flexible Framework to Select and Implement Environmental Strategies,” 
(James Fava, Agis Veroutis, Louis R Nudy, Daniel R Steinmetz, William R Haaf, Richard R Haden, Robert R Sylvester, Raymond R Sneath, Carlos R Lopez, Katherine R Maher, Ernest R Weiler, John Paul Kusz)

Strategic Environmental Management, Vol. 1, Issue 1, March 1998. (Presents a framework for using systems programs, & tools in environmental decision-making. Written by the members of R.F.Weston’s LCA Roundtable.)

Kusz, J. P., et el., "Integrating Environmental Goals with Product Design - Household Chemical Products; 
A Case Study", US Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, (contract no. N3-4740.0), Spring, 1992.
(Contributing research to “Green Products by Design, Choices for a Cleaner Environment,” OTA-E-541, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1992.)