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Learn how to graft and bud fruit trees, flowers, and other plants.  Price will be $35 per student.  The price includes:

1.  "Powerpoint" presentation on Grafting and budding, step by step instructions.

2.  A live demonstration of several types of grafts.

3.  A potted Trifoliata or Flying Dragon citrus, rootstock to graft and take home (extras are $8. each)

4.  All supplies necessary to graft your take-home tree

5.  A handout of class notes.

   Please bring your grafting knife, if you have one, or you can borrow one of mine.  Several methods of grafting and budding will be presented.  To sign up, email me your name and phone number.  Feb. 22, 2014 is the last class for this year  Also, indicate if you want a stainless steel "grafting and budding" knife (see picture below) to take home for $21 extra.  The class will be approx. 2 hours in length from 2PM to about 4PM and taught at my home.  Classes are limited to about 16 students per class so that I can help each student when needed.


  You can cancel at anytime up until the time the class starts.  If you have signed up and know for some reason you are not coming, please inform me so that in full classes someone else can take your place.  You do not have to pay in advance.  Pay when you show up for class.  You only have to attend one of the dates to complete the course.

I will have extra grafting supplies to purchase if you want to do more grafting at home. 

Imported Swiss Stainless steel grafting knife with finger guard

(Click picture to enlarge.)
Picture taken from "IMAGE" magazine Summer 2003 "Fruitful Hobby" by Jesse Miller. 

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