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How to Peel and Eat a Pummelo

Step by Step directions on how to peel a pummelo.  The one demostrated is a Chandler pummelo.  This one came off my tree.
There are many good pummelo varieties such as the red Chandler, and the white Sarawak, Siam, Tahitian, AZ, and the pink Hirado Buntan pummelo


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Step 1: Cut the stem and flower ends off your pummelo.

Step 2 Cut across the rind and then peel off.

Step 3: After removing the rind cut the fruit in half parallel to the core.  Then cut into quarters.

Step 4: Cut the core out of each section exposing the vesicles in each section

Step 5: Remove each segment of vesicles from each section.

Step 6: Chill

That is your finished product.