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With all the additives in gasoline the tubing that feeds the gasoline to the caburetor in a Sears Chainsaw breaks down easily and has to be replace often.

It is confusing on how to hook up the gasoline tubing on a Sears Chainsaw so I will explain. 

There is a gasoline filter that is located in the chainsaw gas tank.  This is connected to a tubing long enough that the filter can move about the tank and sink to the bottom should the chainsaw be tilted in any direction.  The tubing then goes through a tight opening in the tank and connects to the top of the carburetor.  From the bottom of the carburetor there is a second tubing that connects to the suction of the primer bulb.  You can tell the suction by mashing the bulb then putting your finger on one of the openings.  If the bulb stays sucked in, you have your finger on the suction connection. This is usually the shorter of the two necks coming from the primer bulb. The other connection (the one with the longer neck) is the primer bulb exhaust and this should return to the gas tank with another piece of tubing.  That is all there is to it.  Good luck.

The filter shown on the top right of the picture is in the gas tank.  The tubing goes from the filter to the top of the carburetor.  The white tubing shown above comes from the gas bulb (the red object on the right) and returns to the gas tank.

John Panzarella 10-1-08

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