Christmas Day 2004
My backyard on Christmas Day in Lake Jackson, TX. 2004 

On Christmas eve Dec. 24, 2004, in Lake Jackson, Texas, it snowed!.  It has not snowed on that day in over 100 years.  None of the citrus fruit or trees were hurt by the snow. It only got down to about 28 to 30°F.  Only the Mango and Papaya were frozen. The Genoa loquat was not hurt by the snow.  Click on any picture to enlarge. 

Next to the Telephone pole and over the the green garden cart is a Chandler pummelo.  In  front you can see  a Fairchild mandarin, and behind the telephone pole, you can see a big Mexican avacado tree.

All the trees behind the railroad ties are citrus.  Behind the picnic table is the Panzarella lemon tree.

Bloomsweet grapefruit tree with fruit on it.

This is part of my 3 in 1 tree -The Fairchild mandarin part.

Henderson Grapefruit with fruit on it is seen by the screen door.

 The Genoa Loquat tree with small fruit makes a nice picture.

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