Still Ill - A Tribute to The Smiths

At The House of Blues on August 8th 2007

Still Ill is a great San Diego tribute band dedicated to performing The Smiths and Morrissey songs.  I was fortunate to meet the lead singer Voz and was very impressed at how well the group sounded.  Also the selection of songs was very appreciated including often overlooked gems such as "Handsome Devil", 'Interesting Drug", "Barbarism Begins at Home" and even "Jack the Ripper".   Overall, a great show and a really good time!

I am even more impressed that this Smiths Tribute is so good since Smiths and Morrissey covers usually don't work very well.  When you try to take on such staples of music with such a loyal fan base, it's very hard to live up to the original versions.  There are just a handful of artist who have succeeded on record (Cinerama's widescreen take on "London", The Stars intellegent reworking of "This Charming Man" and Jack Hayter's amazing sea shanty-ing of "Jeane"), but the majority  of covers cannot hold a candle to Moz & Co.   Luckily, Still Ill does not dissapoint and deliver a great show.  Still Ill's versions sound very true to the originals and its clear that a lot of time and practice goes into their performance. 

For more information on the band, visit or their myspace page at


I heard about this show after I was handed this flyer leaving the Morrissey San Diego concert in June.  I'm glad I hung on to it.

Still Ill performs very spirited version of "Handsome Devil", a b-side to Hand in Glove.  Great to hear this one live!


 The Smiths at their most funky: "Barbarism Begins at Home".  The closer to Meat is Murder sounded great live. 


 "Sister I'm a Poet"!!!  Didn't expect them to play this one.


 Great justice is done for the epic ballad that is "Jack the Ripper".


 "I Don't Mind If You Forget Me" off of Viva Hate.


 "Interesting Drug" is often maligned by critics but thankfully Still Ill sees through the stodgy critics by including it in their set.



Great show Voz!!!