Nunu's is the Regal Beagle

Where you can see Tripper trip, Chrissy fawn and Fulry furl(?)!


                                                                                                                            We all love the Three's Co. Gang (TCG for the uninitiated) but where do you go for the true Regal Beagle experience?   Where can you find the spot where Tripper was threatened (and then tripped) or where Mr. Roper unwinded after that horrid wife.  Where can Chrissy hide out from Larry's leers or Janet pontificate over her Poinsettiaas?  But more importantly where can YOU do this?  N---U---N----U---S!!!  Imagine those words pulsing in a flashing neon please.


Here is the REAL Regal Beagle!!


It is where John Goodman hangs out!  King Ralph's reign was the best time of my life.


"Wow, I'm in the Regal Beagle!!!  Zoinks!!"


 Tired but open.  Larry would be proud.


Same seats.  Same plastic plants.  Same ol' Regal Beagle.  Same good ol' feeling of high spirits and cheap spirits.