Captain EO

This is how to be a popstar.

Captain EO was a seventeen minute blockbuster that was shown throughout Disney theme parks starting from September 12, 1986 until the mid 1990s.  Disneyland Paris was the last holdout and didn't stop showing the film until August of 1998.

This was George Lucas's finest film he ever worked on (a close second to "Willow").  The same goes for Francis Ford Coppola who directed this feature.  It was nice to see such industry giants actually make something of worth. 


Angelica Huston didn't look so terrible for once when she was made up to be the Aliens-inspired queen.  It shows that Imagineers can do what no plastic surgeon can.


This film cost 1 million dollars (!!!) a minute (!!!) to make!!  It was the most expensive film per minute to create and it paid off.  I would pay upwards of 3 million for a minute of this awesomeness.  If I was a Disney bigwig that is.

The film is sadly no longer available and a horrible Rick Moranis film has replaced it in most of the parks.  Luckily YouTube has rescued this blockbuster star-studded million dollar movie from obscurity.  Odd that the internet is needed to do that.  Here is the full film so you can see how great this historic piece of film truly is.  Of course, the Magic Eye Theaters where it was shown had huge IMAX style theaters with state of the art effects and showcased the best 3D technology known to man (even to this day) but... that's no longer an option.  At least you can make it full screen on the videos below. 


And the gripping conclusion where MJ lays down the law.

 Please return your 3D glasses before you leave the theater.  Thank you.