Bowie Video Tribute
Only the best.

Miracle Goodnight - Same to you buddy.


How long will it take you to realize how this song will change your life?  Five years about. 


Being a standout on Outside is something in itself.  This song is perfect and performed live it takes on a new found urgency.  "We Prick You" in its glory.


 Some Moz and Bowie trivia:

Rock n' Roll Suicide - Morrissey loved Bowie in his youth (along with the New York Dolls).  He paid homage in a flawless response to this epic song entitled "I Know it's Going to Happen Someday".


Flattered, not only did Bowie cover the song on his album Black Tie White Noise but he also recorded it in the same manner that Rock n' Roll Suicide was recorded back in 1972 (studio techniques and all).  A musical dialogue between a fan and an artist and an artist and a fan twenty years in the making.