Bowie Space Mountain Oddity David Bowie  Space Mountain Oddity

David Bowie should have his own themepark.  It should be filled with space coasters and lots of costume shops.  But alas it is more likely that Disney will just adapt their own Disneyland to incorporate Bowie music.  This will surely happen by 2015 in my opinion.  It just has to.  Please...

Now that The Red Hot Chili Peppers songs have been taken down from Space Mountain and California Screamin', the time is nigh for Bowie to swoop in for the replacement.  The idea for adding music to the rides came from workers listening to music on their headphones when riding on the coasters for maintenance runs.  Now with just generic music played on both coasters, I have taken to wearing headphones on the rides and to great effect.  The rides are amazing but with some Aladdin Sane blaring, they are INTERGALACTIC!!!

Try it yourself.  "Ziggy Stardust" on Space Mountain is a perfect fit with Bowie yammering on about Spiders froms Mars and the ride hurling you through the darkness.  Now if only Space Mountain was a ride that lasted 3 minutes and 13 seconds.  Also I tried "Panic in Detroit" by Bowie on California Screaming.  It doesn't work as well but I managed to take note of the time where key things happened:

   Time From Initial Launch (not start of ride) 

1  First Drop at 18 seconds

                                 2  Second (the biggest) Drop at 38 seconds

         3  The Inversion at 54 seconds


Try matching these times in a song to the key moments in the ride and voila!  I am still searching out which songs will work best.  If you can come up with any that work well, leave the song title in the comments.  I'll try it out.

Seeing how great the rides were with just a little Bowie, Disney should pump some DB into every attraction, every store, and every turkey leg cart.  I have made a list of Bowie songs that would match well with certain Disneyland attractions.

So without further ado, here  is a pairing of Bowie song to Disneyland ride!

Splash Mountain - "There is a Happy Land"

Big Thunder Railroad - "Young American"

Space Mountain - "Ziggy Stardust"

Haunted Mansion - "Please Mr. Gravedigger"

Autopia - "She'll Drive the Big Car"

Jungle Cruise - "Joe the Lion"

it's a small world - "China Girl"

Pirates of the Carribean - "Ashes to Ashes"

Tower of Terror - "The Belway Brothers"

California Screaming - "Panic in Detroit"

Indiana Jones - "Heroes"


I'm all for these Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!!!  2015 can't come soon enough!